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Intense Love 韫色过浓 Episode 24 End Recap

With Wu Di’s express, Xiao Yuansong finally let go of a dangling heart, and he easily asked when Zhou Shiyun held the wedding. Zhou Shiyun resumed his usual high-cold faction, and he was irresponsible. Grandma Zhou was sick, Zhou Shiyun hurriedly took Su Yubei home to visit. Grandma Zhou saw the ring on Su Yubei’s hand and looked lovingly at Su Yubei. Su Yubei told her grandmother sweetly that Zhou Shiyun proposed to him. Grandma Zhou was satisfied with the granddaughter-in-law from her heart and was very happy for them. Su Jianbei suddenly felt sick while eating at night. She hurriedly went to the bathroom and vomited. She thought she must be pregnant and told the good news to Zhou Shiyun. When Zhou Shiyun heard that she was going to be a father, she was better I’m also pleased that when I came back from my hometown, I brought Su Yubei back to my residence and took care of her without any dead ends.

Zhou Shiyun everything is in accordance with the standards of pregnant women Su Qu Bei, including Su Qu Bei can not wear the high-heeled shoes he likes, Su Qu Bei has to endure pain and cut love temporarily. Wu Di screened out several characters in Su Qu Bei’s play, and made Su Qu Bei find a feeling. Unexpectedly, Su Qu Bei said arrogantly and sweetly that he might not take the play within a year, Wu Di I was taken aback and asked her what happened. When I heard Su Yubei said that she was guessing she was pregnant, she reminded her to go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. Su Yunbei came to the hospital for a test and found that she had a oolong. She was not pregnant at all. She couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. Zhou Shiyun comforted her patiently and she will soon have a baby.

Gao Zitong came to Xu Jiawei, she had completely relieved her heart, and put down her obsession with Xu Jiawei, and sincerely wish Xu Jiawei and Zhou Suying’s feelings, Xu Jiawei was very happy that Gao Zitong could have such a change. Zhou Suying was invited by Xu Jiawei to come to the shopping mall where two people had bought balloons together. When feeling inexplicable, Xu Jiawei held a balloon and fluttered out of the side. He took off his mask and face. To the fans around him, he said affectionately to Zhou Suyu that he wanted to sign a lifetime contract with her, and the two would never be separated. Zhou Suying and Xu Jiawei embraced each other happily, and she finally found her happy destination.

The wife of the dean finally left. Seeing the sad look of the dean, Zhou Shiyun deeply felt the shortness of life. He wanted to cherish his love for a limited time and cherish the words like gold. What he felt and felt, he felt that it took him more than 20 years to find Su Yubei, which was a waste of time. He said to Su Yubei affectionately: Let’s get married! Su Qu Bei also looked at Zhou Shiyun with tears of affection, and she was willing to be Mrs. Zhou for his whole life to accompany him through the long life. In this way, love is presented to the two young people in the most beautiful way. At this time, the flowers are full moon, and the color is strong!

The end

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