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My Extraordinary (2020)

My Extraordinary
Other Title: My Extraordinary The Series / My Extra Ordinary

Genres: drama, Friendship, Romance, Drama, gay
Release Date: 
Sep 27, 2020
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  • Enzo Santiago as Ken
  • Darwin Yu as Shake
  • Karissa Toliongco as Sandee
  • Sam Cafranca as Mike
  • Z Mejia as Lawrence
  • Jojit Lorenzo as Mr. Macaspac

MY EXTRAORDINARY follows the colorful story of two college students, Shake and Ken, and how they try to express themselves despite the society’s many expectations.

Ken is a popular and good-natured university sophomore who meets Shake, a shy freshman and university scholar, through a basketball game brawl. After settling their misunderstandings, the two young men are immediately drawn to each other. Although Shake and Ken’s close friends support their blossoming intimate relationship, Sandee, Ken’s childhood friend becomes envious and tells his conservative widowed mother — preempting their romantic love affair. Relationships are strained and tension mounts at home, Shake and Ken eventually find themselves parting ways. In an unfamiliar twist, the remorseful Sandee becomes a bridge and helps reunite Shake and Ken.

MY EXTRAORDINARY is a tender story about innocence, friendship, the beauty of awakening desire, acceptance and how time heals all wounds.

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