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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 9 Recap

Qin Qing received a call from his father. He asked politely when Qin Qing would go home. The mother directly asked her if she was in love. Qin Qing only had a sloppy eye with her parents. At this time, she found Zuo Yu Lin drove behind him, he called his father and called Zuo Yulin, asking where he was. Zuo Yulin did not tell the truth, which made Qin Qing very angry. Qin Qing complained to Zhou Fang that Zuo Yulin did n’t believe in himself, and even learned to follow this set, and did n’t want to ignore Zuo Yulin anymore. Zhou Fang said that Zuo Yulin looked very sunny and should not do such a thing. Come.

Zhou Fang has been building his car behind closed doors in his studio. Song Rin wants to help Zhou Fang, but he doesn’t know how to let Zhou Fang listen, so he asks Zhou Fang to find him. When Zhou Fang took the clothes he made and went to find Song Rong, Song Rong directly asked Chen Chen to take Zhou Fang to the warehouse, let Zhou Fang look at the work of a young designer of a local brand under their company, Zhou Fang looked at others’ Only when I knew the difference between myself and others, I specially thanked Song Rong, and Song Rong bluntly talked about Zhou Fang’s shortcomings. Song Rin felt that Zhou Fang was eager to achieve success, and wanted to quickly get a good recognition of his work before adding too many boos to his work, but instead let her the connotation and emotion of the designer Not reflected.

Zhou Fang didn’t collide with Song Rin’s sharp words after knowing the difference between herself and others. She only listened with humility and went back to modify her works. After work, Song Rong continued to be at home, waiting for Zhou Fang to go home uncomfortably, while Huo Chendong took the initiative to pick Zhou Fang off from work and took her home. Zuo Yulin did n’t know how to make Qin Qing unhappy, so he could only ask Qin Qing for forgiveness, but Qin Qing did n’t even know what the problem was, and he did n’t want to forgive Zuo Yulin. Zuo Yulin arbitrarily blocked Qin Qing’s car and asked Qin Qing to love him, otherwise he would pass over him. Qin Qing had no choice but to tell Zuo Yulin that they were not suitable.

Zhou Fang was very serious about modifying her clothes. She didn’t notice that the live broadcast was irrelevant. Not only did she modify her clothes before the live broadcast, but she almost took off her clothes and changed her clothes in front of the live broadcast. Fortunately, her colleagues saw Zhou Fang in time. The director finally decided that the title of the designer contest should be handed over to Wanfeng Group, but at the same time asked Baisai Group to join in, which made Song Rong a little passive. After the director announced the decision, he saw Zhou Fang ’s live video. He felt that Zhou Fang deliberately undressed in front of the camera for his fame. He almost wanted to eliminate Zhou Fang. Fortunately, Su Yushan said good things to Zhou Fang. The skill of waste to treasure is good, so that she has not been eliminated.

Song Luo saw that Huo Chendong sent Zhou Fang home again, and also entered Zhou Fang’s house. She was afraid that Song Rong would fall behind Huo Chendong, so she encouraged Shen Di to go home now. Huo Chendong went to Zhou Fang’s house and helped Zhou Fang repair the faucet. Song Luo followed Shen Di into Zhou Fang’s house and wanted to stare at Zhou Fang and Huo Chendong. When Zhou put Huo Chendong on repairing the faucet and saw that Huo Chendong’s hand was injured, he immediately took Band-Aid to Huo Chendong for treatment. Song Rin did not see Song Luo when he came back. When he called to ask Song Luo’s whereabouts, he saw Zhou Fang and Huo Chendong’s intimate scene.

After Song Luo came home, Song Rong kept asking Song Luo about Huo Chendong’s situation, and Song Luo kept boasting about Huo Chendong, saying that he was far from Huo Chendong. Zuo Yulin went to the TV station to deal with the selection of applicants with Su Yushan ’s assistant. It was at this time that Zhou Fang sent new information. Su Yushan ’s assistant asked Zhou Fang and Song Rin to know the relationship and wanted preferential treatment. Zhou Fang, let Zhou Fang fail to vote. Su Yushan learned that Zhou Fang really signed up, and paid special attention to Zhou Fang, because Zhou Fang was a person related to Song Rong, and this also made Song Rong a little worried, afraid that Su Yushan would use Zhou Fang to suppress himself I am afraid that Zhou Fang will lose confidence in the design because of the suppression of Suyu Mountain.

Zhou Fang received the selection result. She happily invited her colleagues to go out for dinner. After drinking a little drunk, she went home with a smile. Zhou Fang did not return to her home for the first time, but went to ridicule Song Rong first, blaming Song Rin looked down on her before. Song Rin saw that Zhou Fang was so proud, and drank a little too much, so he took Zhou Fang out for a blow, and wanted Zhou Fang to be mentally prepared. Zhou put it in front of Song Rin and said a lot of ideas she wanted to participate in. Song Rong watched Zhou Fang attaches great importance to this competition, and can only remind Zhou Fang that Zhou Fang was selected this time because he was put on the water by Suyu Mountain , Is not a reflection of her true level.

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