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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 7 Recap

In order to please Qin Qing, Zuo Yulin forced himself to adapt to the cat, but did not expect to enter the hospital. Qin Qing rushed to the hospital immediately after learning of the news, knowing that he was allergic to being his boyfriend, and he was very moved to accept Zuo Yulin. Zuo Yulin learned that Qin Qing was willing to socialize with him, and happily hid in the quilt and laughed like a child who was happy when he got sugar. Zhou Fang was embarrassed to disturb Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin. He had to hide at the door to peek. Unexpectedly, Song Rong suddenly appeared and frightened her. Song Rong entered the ward to see Zuo Yulin, complaining that Zuo Yulin was in love for the sake of love No need to go on, by the way, Zhou Fang said a few sweet words.

When Zhou Fang left, Song Rong wanted to take her car, Zhou Fang asked him to sit in front, Song Rong accused her of too much things, Zhou Fang forced him to come in front, otherwise he would not drive, wait for Song Rong to get off the car Zhou Fang kicked the throttle and went out, stopping at a distance to wait for him. The two joked like a noisy couple. Su Yushan of Bai Sai was very interested in the program of Song Rin. He specifically found Wang He and wanted to title it exclusively. However, Su Yushan and Song Rin are in the same industry. Wang He could not promise Song Yu for Su Rin. Mountain, only Song Rong came to find a way. Song Rin had not discussed the countermeasures with Wang He, and Luna came. Song Rong did not want to have more involvement with Luna. She could only excuse herself to leave beforehand, and did not give Luna the chance to approach him.

Luna did n’t know whether Song Rin had anything to do with Zhou Fang. She could only ask Wang He for their relationship, and Wang He vowed that they were just ordinary friends, so Luna did n’t think about it. After talking with Luna, Wang He took the delicious wine and went to find Song Rin. Song Rong agreed to let Luna help this, because Luna is a big star with fans and traffic, as long as Luna is willing to replace When they stand on this platform, they can definitely get to Suyu Mountain.

When Song Rin was drinking with Wang He, he kept staring at the opposite Zhou Fang. Wang He realized that Zhou Fang really moved into Song Rong’s house, so he told Luna this news. Luna learned that Zhou Fang lived in Song Rong’s house and went to negotiate with Zhou Fang as Song Rong’s girlfriend, and asked Zhou Fang to move out of Song Rong’s house within three days. She was willing to give Zhou Rong Make up for the lost rent. Zhou Fang said that she has no excessive relationship with Song Rin, and she will never intervene in the feelings of others, so that Luna should not be too allergic to her. After Zhou Fang expressed his position, she refused to let Luna make up for her rent. She said that it was not the money she made, and she absolutely would not want it. Song Luo ran to Zhou Fang to eat rice. Song Rong wanted to take Song Luo’s name and went in to eat rice together. But he was not expected to be ordered by Zhou Fang directly.

Zhou Fang wanted to move away without losing his rent for one year, so he called the agent to see if he could sublet the house. After Zhou Fang called, she learned that the contract stipulated that she could not sublet the house, so she could only dispel the idea first. Song Rin learned that Zhou Fang was going to move and asked Zhou Fang directly, but Zhou Fang didn’t want to make it clear to Song Rong, only that he didn’t want to live anymore and didn’t want Song Rong to be so close to her. After Zhou Fang showed his attitude, he blamed Song Rin for being a girlfriend and walking so close to other women. As soon as Song Fang heard what Zhou Fang said, she understood that it was indeed Luna who had found Zhou Fang and claimed to be his girlfriend. He could only emphasize to Zhou Fang again that Luna was not his girlfriend. After Song Rin made it clear, he gently begged Zhou Fang not to move for the time being, because Song Luo needed her so that she would not move temporarily for Song Luo.

Zhou Fang customized a set of clothes for Qin Qing, let Qin Qing try the clothes on his own, and Zuo Yulin was in a bad mood because Qin Qing was going to the class meeting. He was afraid that Qin Qing would come across when he went to the class meeting What ex-boyfriend will resurrect. Zhou Fang was not in a mood to attend classmates’ meetings.

Qin Qing exhausted his tongue to attract Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang had to agree to go. When Qin Qing and Zhou Fang had just sat down to gather with everyone, Huo Chendong, who was working abroad, also arrived and sat beside Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang then asked Huo Chendong about his current situation. The students saw that Zhou Fang and Huo Chendong had a good chat and immediately started to gossip about their situation. They wanted to know if they had the possibility of development. Zhou Fang said that when Huo Chendong was in school, he liked Qin Qing and was easy Shifted the topic.

Song Rong went to the school to pick up Song Luo. When Shen Di said that Zhou Fang was going to the class meeting, Song Rong couldn’t help but feel shocked. He was worried that Zhou Fang would come up with a rival for himself. Appeared in front of him.

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