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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Fang went home and told his parents about the move. Li Ruhui didn’t agree with it, accusing Zhou Fang of not living at home, not even Qin Qing. Qin Qing helped Zhou Fang to siege, claiming that Zhou Fang had to move because she was in a relationship, so as not to disturb her. When Li Ruhui learned that Qin Qing was in a relationship, she was even more worried about Zhou Fang. However, Qin Qing said that she only moved after she moved out to live, and Li Ruhui agreed to let Zhou Fang move.

With the help of Qin Qing, Zhou finally let Li Ruhui agree to her move out, but Li Ruhui made a series of requests and mentioned Song Rin again. Zhou Fang vowed that it was indeed Li Ruhui who confessed the wrong person. Zhou Fang moved into Song Rin’s house. After seeing it, Song Rong deliberately wandered around the community, pretending to encounter Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang didn’t want Song Rong to know that she lived here, and lied that she was visiting friends.

Song Luo asked her to ask for Luna ’s autograph because her classmate asked her for a signed photo. Unexpectedly, she accidentally saw Zhou Fang, who lived across the street, when she called. Song Luo was surprised that Zhou put into her house and hung up Luna ’s phone. Luna was very anxious and wanted to know what was going on, but she could n’t reach Song Luo for a while, and Song Luo immediately called Zhou Fang. A phone call asked her why she lived in her home. Zhou Fang realized that she rented the house from Song Rong. When Zhou Fang learned the truth, he directly found Song Rong and asked him why he was cheated by the intermediary and threatened to withdraw the rent, but Song Rin did not care about her threat because the contract stated that the rent was not refundable.

Zhou Fang couldn’t retreat the house, she could only bear it, and rented the house angrily, but she didn’t want to see Song Rong, she could only pull the curtains on the balcony. Song Rong was ridiculous when she saw Zhou Fang. So she called to remind Zhou Fang that the curtains were electric and asked her not to pull them down. Seeing Song Rin’s attitude towards Zhou Fang, Song Luo asked whether Song Rong liked Zhou Fang or Luna. After learning that Song Rong liked Zhou Fang, Song Luo couldn’t help but make Song Rong’s joke and wanted to send this news Tell Luna. Song Rin came home early in the morning and lay down on the sofa for a while. Unexpectedly, Song Luo was called up early in the morning and sent him to gather with the big army because she overslept.

Zhou Fang could n’t open the car because of the limited number of cars, so she could only let Shen Di go to school activities, but she did n’t expect Shen Di to forget to bring a telescope. She could only send it to Shen Di. Zhou Fang and Song Rong caught up The school tour group, Song Rong watched Zhou Fang talking to Shen Di and wanted to get in touch with Zhou Fang alone, so he asked the taxi to leave first. Zhou Fang saw that the taxi was gone, she would rather walk home instead of taking Song Rin’s car. Song Rong wanted to please Zhou Fang, but did not expect Zhou Fang to be sympathetic. He had to drive away and scare Zhou Fang himself. However, I didn’t expect the car to break down before I could go far. Zhou Fang saw that Song Rong’s car couldn’t move, and happily stepped forward and ridiculed Song Rong. He used the words that Song Rong ridden her yesterday to ridicule Song Rong and then left proudly.

Zhou Fang walked while calling for a car, Song Rong pretended not to understand, wanted to let Zhou Fang piggyback on him, and Zhou Fang directly asked Song Rong to kneel and plead for her. When Zhou Fang was joking with Song Rin, she received a call from the master orderer and learned that the car she had ordered could not come. When Song Fang couldn’t call the car, Song Rong called Chen Chen proudly and asked Chen Chen to pick it up He then told Zhou Fang that he was better than Zhou, and he could take her with him without kneeling. Chen Chen’s car hadn’t arrived yet, and it was raining. Song Rong had to take Zhou Fang to hide from the rain. In order to keep Zhou from cold, he gave Zhou Fang his clothes, and he also hugged Zhou Fang specifically. He caught a cold himself. When she was hiding from the rain together, Zhou Fang received a fall notice. Her mood was a bit frustrating. Song Rong directly pointed out that Zhou Fang’s current conditions were indeed not met. At that time, Zhou Fang was deflated enough.

Song Luo deliberately gave Song Rin a cold because of indigestion medicine, and made Song Rong angry, and then called Zhou Fang, saying that Song Rong was dying of disease. She was really uncertain and asked Zhou Fang to come to help. Zhou Fangxin believed that she hurried to Song Rong’s house. She wanted to see Song Rong without any problems, but Song Luo only gave medicine without water, which made Song Rong uncomfortable. Zhou Fang had to help. In order to be together with Qin Qing, Zuo Yulin disregarded his allergy to cat hair and set up a membership card in a cat cafe. He wanted to get along with cats and felt that he could adapt to it and heal allergy. Zhou Fang saw that Qin Qing was in a bad mood these days, and guessing that there was a problem with Zuo Yulin, he called Zuo Yulin and asked him about the situation. clear.

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