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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 14 Recap

A reporter came to visit the school. Li Qingtong and Fan Shuishui waited there specially and successfully asked the reporter to interview them. Li Qingtong said that even though the schoolwork was heavy, they would work hard, but the reporter took it out of context and edited it into complaining about the heavy schoolwork. Li Qingtong happily pulled Li Wusi and the others to watch TV, and was shocked to see this scene. Wu Zhixun promised to teach them homework, and several of them were attending classes in Fan Shuishui’s shop. Wu Zhixun asked them to apply for the two weakest subjects and decided to study mathematics and geography.

The whole class was studying hard, and the other teachers were dumbfounded. Teacher Wu was very proud. After reviewing, Wang Xiaomin proposed to go out to eat, but Li Qingtong felt that it was too expensive to go home to eat. Wu Zhixun said that he would invite them to dinner and went out shopping. When Wang Xiaomin asked them about the program, a few people gathered on the rooftop to discuss that Li Qingtong was going to play the White Lady, and Wang Xiaomin was going to play in the Heavenly Palace. Everyone quarreled.

Li Chengcheng simply said chorus, and everyone agreed. Li Jincheng wrote the lyrics himself and sent it to everyone to practice. He practiced for 20 minutes every day. Li Chenggong wanted to play the guitar. Duan Xiao asked people everywhere that they didn’t have a guitar. Chen Junhe gave him one, which was given to him by Niu Xiaohuo when he left. Wang Xiaomin and the others were shocked to see that Li Chenggong could play the guitar, but they didn’t expect Li Chenggong to do it. Duan Xiao brought Chen Jun to find his father’s comrade-in-arms Uncle Chang Sheng.

His family repaired the watch for generations. Chen Junhe gave the watch to Uncle Chang Sheng. Uncle Chang Sheng said that it could be repaired. Chen Junhe was very happy. When Chen Jun asked Duan Xiao to have time to play, Duan Xiao agreed. When Wu Zhixun told his parents to go to the library, he actually came to give Li Qingtong and the others make up lessons. Several people talked about waiting for dinner. Wu Zhixun laughed for the first time. He has had no friends since junior high school. Father Wu came in suddenly and asked them who Li Qingtong was.

He also said that she pestered Wu Zhixun. She had a bad reputation in school and was an unruly person. Wu Zhixun couldn’t bear it, shouting his father’s name, carrying his schoolbag and leaving. When Wu Zhixun returned home, Wu’s father was still very angry, and Wu’s mother hurriedly stopped him. Li Chengcheng and they were very angry, thinking that Dad Wu was too much. Li Qingtong was very sad, and worried that Wu Zhixun was quarreling with his father.

Teacher Wu told them that Wu Zhixun would not come to class because of family reasons. Li Qingtong went to ask Teacher Wu, and Teacher Wu said that his parents had enrolled him in private lessons. Li Qingtong couldn’t worry about going down to find Wu Zhixun, but Wu’s mother did not open the door. Soon the three-model results came out. Li Qingtong improved by more than 60 points, and Wang Xiaomin improved by more than 40 points.

Everyone completed the task, and only Li Progress improved by 27 points. Li Chengcheng was very self-blame and felt that she was holding back. Lin Xuewei also advised Li Chenghua not to be upset. They tried their best and they were already great. Now the whole school treats them with admiration. It doesn’t matter if they can’t participate in the school celebration, it’s a big deal. . Teacher Wu told them that they can When I went to the cultural performance, the students were all overjoyed.

In the school celebration performance, Li Chengcheng and the others played guitar and chorus on stage. The atmosphere was very lively. Teacher Wu was also very happy to watch it offstage. The college entrance examination is coming soon, and Mrs. Wu encourages everyone in the class to cheer. Li Chenggong came to see Duan Xiao and gave him an apple with the engraved “Win” on it. Duan Xiao got excited and burned his clothes. At the end of the college entrance examination, everyone was sitting in the class, and Teacher Wu wrote a letter to everyone.

Li Qingtong presented an award to Teacher Wu, and Li Jincheng went up to give him a medal and a vest signed by the whole class, which moved Teacher Wu very much. At the graduation ceremony, Director Yang delivered a speech, very emotional, encouraging the students to face the future life, and to show their hearts to everyone. Everyone took a graduation photo together, happy but reluctant to give up. After the college entrance examination, Li Qingtong and the others played crazy for a few days, and they became bored. Wang Xiaomin proposed a graduation trip, Duan Xiao proposed to go to the ancient village, Li Qingtong wanted to call Wu Zhixun, Wang Xiaomin told the rumors that Wu Zhixun did not take the college entrance examination, Li Qingtong did not believe it at all.

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