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My Dear Lady (2020) 你成功引

My Dear Lady
Other Title: 你成功引起我的注意了剧情介绍

Genres: Romance, Drama
Liu Mingli
Jiang Mo
Sohu Video
Release Date:
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  • Jiang Mengjie
  • Mi Lu
  • Liu Teli
  • Sunny Yu Yue

The plot tells that the full-time wife Ling Xun Xunfu ’s son has faced the dissolution of marriage for six years. After receiving the divorce certificate, she went out and ran into a luxury car. The right to make Xunxun return to the workplace, but unexpectedly became the compensation object of the car accident incident. The overbearing president Cheng Li ’s personal assistant, faced with Chengli ’s difficulties, made Xunxun meet the difficulties, and the tough and optimistic personality captured the heart of the boss. A feeling of “sister and brother love” emerged quietly, but the age gap, the divorced and childlike identity, and the opposition of the successful family were all obstacles.

The 27-year-old Ling Xunxun ended her marriage with her husband after being a full-time wife for six years. Because she does not have the financial ability, her son dudu was brought up by her ex-husband, and she can only live in a house full of girlfriends. However, the misfortune is not alone, so Xun Xun drove a huge amount of compensation after driving, so Xun Xun must find a job as soon as possible to repay the debt, and find a way to regain the custody of his son. But she didn’t expect that she had been out of touch with the society for many years without work experience.

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