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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 5 Recap

Luna deliberately designed the play to devalue Zhou Fang in front of Song Rin. She asked Zhou Fang to show her clothes out. Zhou Fang took out the dress she designed. The gown was worthless, saying that the dress was too cheap and simply did not fit her personality. Luna spoke very harshly. Zhou Fang apologized for not designing the clothes the customer wanted. Luna stepped directly on Zhou Fang’s dress and asked Zhou Fang if she couldn’t design the dress she wanted after ten days. What to do, when Zhou Fang didn’t know how to answer, Song Rong stood out, and he took Luna away, saying that after ten days there was no dress that she was satisfied with, he would design Luna himself.

Zhou Fang knew that Luna was deliberately making things difficult for her, but she did n’t want to admit defeat like this. After going back, she continued to redesign. Song Rong came to find Zhou Fang, and wanted to take her out to relax, he was very distressed. Bullying, but Zhou Fang did not appreciate it. Song Rong forcibly took Zhou Fang away, and the two came to a place particularly suitable for releasing negative emotions. Zhou Fang was also a lot happier, but she reminded Song Rin that although she was grateful to Song Rin for bringing her to relax, it could not be relieved. She is in conflict with Luna. Song Rin said that he did not bring Zhou Fang out for Luna. He and Luna only signed a contractual relationship, not a relationship between a boyfriend and a boyfriend, but Zhou Fang said it had nothing to do with himself. .

Later, Song Rong bluntly stated the shortcomings of Zhou Fang’s clothes, saying that her design lacked the designer’s concept, but Zhou Fang was not sympathetic. As a counterattack, Zhou Fang criticized Song Rin’s website and pointed out their website. Customer experience is extremely poor. Song Luo showed Song Rin’s works after Zhou Fang’s instructions, and asked him to help himself to a class to study art, but Song Rin was afraid that she was a three-minute enthusiasm. Song Luo blamed him for appreciating himself better than Zhou Fang. He didn’t expect Song Rong to be jealous. Song Luo immediately asked Song Rong if he liked Zhou Fang. Song Rong hurriedly denied that Song Luo thought he was a silver-free 302. .

Zhou Fang designed the dress and went to Luna’s house again. She first explained that she and Song Rong were only friends. She was only photographed by the reporter because she dealt with Song Luo. Let Luna not target her because of this matter. . Then Zhou Fang took out the dress she designed, saying that she knew that Luna did n’t want to use her dress, but she still had to be loyal to her design responsibilities and took out works that satisfied the client, and thank Luna for giving her In a lesson, let her know that she will not be able to listen to the client ’s intention to design in the future, and she must have her own opinions and perseverance.

Song Rin wants to arrange a program to promote the brand of the website, at the same time launch a program of the designer competition, and invite stars to participate to increase the popularity of the program. Wang He provided a list of some stars for Song Rin and let Song Rin be responsible for the recruitment of designers. Soon the popularity of the show was fired. Zhou Fang was learning how to make his own original brand when he got a headache. The reality show of the designer contest, so he decided to participate in this contest to increase his popularity. Luna was looking for Song Rin for dinner, and she wanted Song Rong to go to a dinner with her on the grounds of participating in a reality show. She wanted to clarify the rumors between her and Song Rin. Song Rin did not give Rova a chance, he did not He promised to go to dinner with Luna. He also asked face-to-face, who is the designer ’s private life, he has no right to interfere, and at the same time his life will not let Luna interfere. After Song Rong left, Luna was tense. Fist up.

Zhou Fang came home to eat with his parents. Li Ruhui asked Zhou Fang to choose some of the blind date objects she chose, but Zhou Fang did not care at all. Li Ruhui accidentally saw Song Rin’s interview. Li Ruhui suspected that she remembered that Song Rin was the one who took Zhou Fang at the blind date. Zhou Fang told her mother that she remembered it wrong, but Li Ruhui remembered it very clearly. Zhou Yunian also recognized Song Rong as the person who sued Zhou Fang, which reminded Li Ruhui of many things at once. She also mistakenly thought Song Rong It is a person with children who forces Zhou Fang to make clear his relationship with Song Rin.

In order to give Song Rin more affection, Luna set a curve to save the country and went to school to please Song Luo. Song Luo saw Luna ’s intention, but she saw Luna gave her such a good gift, she did n’t. expose. Zhou Fang went to find a house near the school district. She wanted to take Shen Di to move out, so Shen Di could have room to study hard, but she did n’t expect that the school district was too expensive. She could n’t bear it. Zhou Fang rented his house at half price to Zhou Fang through an intermediary. Zhou Fang and Qin Qing were very satisfied after seeing the house. They felt that the owner was a good person and decided to sign a lease on the spot.

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