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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 1 Recap

Zhou Fang (Digeliba) and his boyfriend Wang Zeyang, who have been around for many years, took wedding photos on the island, preparing to enter the palace of happiness and marriage. Wang Zeyang gave Zhou Xiaofang a small third, and the two were cured for almost two years. Zhou Fang didn’t find out. Just when Wang Zeyang was entangled with this girlfriend, Zhou Fang saw Wang Zeyang’s true face. Facing the confrontation between the two women, Wang Zeyang couldn’t answer at a loss. After confirming Wang Zeyang’s derailment, Zhou Fang slapped him and turned away.

Zhou Fang walked alone on the Binhai Road. The white wedding dress looked very dazzling. She took off her high-heeled shoes and walked barefoot. She didn’t know where she wanted to go. She just thought that if she didn’t escape this place, her heart would explode. . At this time, Song Rong (Huang Jingyu) came on a motorcycle at high speed, the wheels rolled onto Zhou Fang’s wedding dress, Zhou Fang was brought down to the ground, the motorcycle also lost his balance and fell to the side of the road, Song Rin seemed to It fell harder. Zhou Fang walked over to see his injury. Unexpectedly, the two had a quarrel with each other. Zhou Fang complained that he drove too fast. Song Rong accused her of walking in a motor vehicle like this is illegal.

Song Rin asked Zhou Fang to help the car, because his arm almost broke, but the motorcycle was broken and could not start, and his mobile phone shattered, because he could not call for rescue, he had to push the car forward, the two Walking side by side, Song Rin saw that Zhou Fang seemed to be hungry, so he proposed to let Zhou Fang help the cart. He asked Zhou Fang to eat, but Zhou Fang did not care about him. Then he came to see him pushing uphill too hard, so he helped him After pushing the car, Song Rong also fulfilled her promise to invite her to dinner.

During the meal, Zhou Fang was a little sad. He remembered his own experience and unknowingly drank too much. Speaking of his relationship with Wang Zeyang, he felt that he had met a man who was really good to her and deserved all his life. When the hand-made wedding dress came to him, he found that he had been carrying himself with other women for several years. Fortunately, he found it in time. Song Rin wanted to leave, but found that Zhou Fang had drunk too much. He had to stay and take care of Zhou Fang, because there was only one room left in the hotel. In desperation, Song Rong had to take her into the room.

Song Rin told his men to bring their luggage tomorrow, buy two more mobile phones, and bring him a car, and arranged for him to take a shower. Zhou Fang woke up and vomited up in the bathroom. The unconscious drunkenness caused him Song Rin taking a bath is very speechless. Early the next morning, Zhou Fang began to wake up and found herself lying on the hotel bed. She began to recall what happened yesterday, and she felt relieved after seeing Song Rong lying outside.

Wang Zeyang reported to the police that his fiancee was missing, and the police began to look around. Song Rin asked Zhou Fang to drive himself away and gave her a phone. Later, the police came over and learned that the two had just left, hurriedly chased before driving and stopped the two. After the police asked about the relationship between the two, they took them back to the police station. Wang Zeyang came over, but Zhou Fang was reluctant to take care of him. Wang Zeyang went through the formalities for the two. After going out, Zhou Fang ’s good girlfriend Qin Qing (Zhang Xinyu) came to pick her up. When Wang Zeyang turned around and ran, Qin Qing recognized Song Rin, and Zhou Fang wanted to return the money to him, but he failed to pay because the mobile phone was out of power.

Qing Qing took Zhou Fang to relax, had fun, and rubbed and ate everywhere. Unexpectedly, when they were found, when the two were embarrassed, Zuo Yulin stood up and said that he knew her, which was a relief for them. Later, Qin Qing asked Zuo Yulin to take them home. In the car, Qin Qing said that he was very old-fashioned, and said that he knew himself, but Zuo Yulin said that he really knew her, Qin Qing thought he was lying, Said it should be known in the last life.

Zhou Fang returned to the company, but found a wolf, and the house was turned upside down. She should have done it by Wang Zeyang. She angrily threw the photos of the two aside. Zuo Yulin sent Qin Qing back home. Qin Qing asked him to help him find kittens. Zuo Yulin was very interested in her hobbies. I heard that she was a jewelry designer, which increased his interest in learning more. When the driver arrived, Zuo Yulin asked Qin Qing for a phone call and left.

Song Rin came to the company for a meeting and held a new product launch with his rival, Bess Group. They studied the countermeasures together. Song Rin proposed to do the opposite, focusing on the direction of light luxury and positioning the company well. After the meeting, the company’s senior executive reported to Song Rin separately that the genuine products in April had not yet been listed, and the imitations had come out. Song Rin said that he would go to check, and then he could ask the other party to compensate for the loss. Company executives should have inside ghosts, and the leak should not be just a brand, this matter must be thoroughly investigated.

The landlord came over to urge the rent, which made Zhou Fang a little embarrassed. The company still had three employees to stay and spend time with Zhou Fang, which made her very moved. Qin Qing asked a lawyer friend to help Zhou Fang get justice. The lawyer checked them and told them that Zhou Fang had no chance of winning. Wang Zeyang borrowed a lot of money through investment, but all the procedures were legal.

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