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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 15 Recap

In the game against the East, the Shangyi Museum finally won. The students were ecstatic and rushed to the stage to celebrate with Yang Zian. Ke Zi’an went through everyone and found Yiyi. Yiyi was happy for a while and rushed to hug Yang Zi’an. Yang Zi’an was shocked. Both hands didn’t know where to put it, but his face could not hide the joy.

After the game, the Shangyi Museum resumed normal teaching. In this day’s class, the doctor gave everyone a topic of debate-war. Xiaobai first put forward his own views. He believes that the war is cruel, which war is not a life-giving. At the end of his speech, Tang Jiuhua got up and expressed his approval of Xiaobai’s words. He said that everyone should live in harmony, and war is really harmless and not profitable. Yiyi also agreed, saying that war is not as good as getting along peacefully. Li Xinyuan, the second prince of the DPRK, said that sometimes the war was not for hatred, but for protection. At this time, Dugu Muxue couldn’t help but stand up and said that the soldiers went to the battlefield to defend the frontier and protect the people. After hearing the words of Du Gu Muxue, Yang Zi’an nodded again and again, saying that not all wars are unjust. If a country is not strong, how can it maintain peace? My great lord, although far away will be blamed. ” Yang Zi’an’s generous speech attracted the students to applaud. The doctor also concluded that everything has two sides, and everyone should look at the problem dialectically.

After Dr. left, Tang Jiuhua asked everyone to stay and said that in order to celebrate the defeat of the East China Mission by Shang Yiguan, he decided to hold a celebration at Shangyi Guan. Everyone agreed, and Yiyi volunteered to plan this celebration.

Yiyi and Dugu Muxue went to the street to eat noodles, and met a group of children who came to beg for food. Upon inquiry, I learned that these children came from the north, and the Tuo Xi Kingdom suddenly came over three days ago, and the children were all displaced. Yiyi felt some sympathy after hearing this, and bought many buns for the children. Du Gu Muxue suddenly remembered his uncle, if his uncle was there, he would definitely take himself to kill the enemy and protect the Great Frontier.

In the night, the celebration was held lively, but Du Gu Muxue could not be found, and several people went to find it when they were worried. Yiyi found a letter left by Du Gu Muxue. He said in his letter that it was his mission to defend the territory for the Great Emperor, and now he is going to fulfill his mission.

Dugu Muxue was drinking alone in Ningxiang Pavilion, and did not leave until very late. Ning Xiang saw it and came over to accompany him. Dugu Muxue asked whether Ningxiang was her old friend, but the other party politely denied it. After a long time, the two said goodbye, Dugu Muxue smelled the special fragrance on Ningxiang, and Ningxiang only said that it was just an ordinary spice. Although the two pretended to meet each other, they knew in their hearts that the other was their old friend.

Several people rushed to find Dugu Muxue, and Yiyi thought that the country was in crisis. As a great imperial son, he should do his best. Everyone also agreed with Yiyi’s idea and decided to go back to Shangyi Museum to show the sacrifice wine to the country and encourage everyone to join together.

Jijiu reported the matter to the emperor. The emperor was furious when he heard of it, and said that they could not, and let them study with peace of mind. The students were very worried when they learned about it, but their determination to join the army was not eliminated. Yiyi and Yang Zi’an coincided with the thought that they could use the request letter to let the emperor understand their determination. But the emperor was thunderous after seeing the order, and scolded them for nonsense. At this time the prince came in and persuaded the emperor to agree to their request to participate. The emperor thought twice and finally agreed.

Joining the army soon, Tang Jiuhua and Yang Zi’an went home to say goodbye to their loved ones. At night, the wine offering specifically agreed to hold a confectionery guild. The campfire is booming and the wine is overflowing. The students are playing games happily. I don’t know when I will see you this time. Yiyi and Yang Zi’an lost in the game, and the punishment was to treat the other party as a beloved person and confess to the other party. With everyone’s coaxing, Yiyi finally couldn’t help holding Yang Zi’an’s hand. After the people dispersed, Yang Zi’an recovered and wanted to confess to Yiyi, but Tang Jiuhua suddenly killed him and pulled Yiyi away.

Everyone walked until midnight, so they had to stop and rest for one night. After everyone would rest in the camp, Yang Zi’an walked alone to the river. He couldn’t help but think of Yiyi, and finally determined his intentions for Yiyi. However, Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua have a marriage contract in them. I am afraid that I have to pay for it. I can’t help feeling sad, and my eyes are not wet. Yiyi walked over and wanted to help Yang Zi’an look at her eyes. Yang Zi’an worried that she would exceed her limits, and lied that she was obsessed with the cornel sachet.

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