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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 40 Recap

What should Su Tang worry about Qin Sang? Su Tang hopes that Lu Ping can write to Qin Sang and will meet again in the future. Lu Ping feels that he intends to stay here. Previously, he and Qin Sang had all had a wonderful memory. Su Tang also said that he would accompany Lu Ping with Mo Lin. Su Tang now also thinks that Mo Lin is very cute. It is because he has failed to realize Mo Lin’s thoughts about dullness. Lu Ping hopes that Su and Tang will reap happiness, and there will be no further delay.

Morlin blamed herself for not having learned much, nor for saving her eldest brother or sister-in-law. Su Tang came to fight Mo Lin and suddenly took his hand, Zhi Zhiwu told Mo Lin Luping decided to stay, so that Mo Lin should not be entangled and uncomfortable. Mo Lin was slightly disappointed. He thought Su Tang wanted to give him a reply. After all, Mo Lin couldn’t help but ask Su Tang if he really had nothing to say. Su Tang didn’t know what to say. Mo Lin was very angry, but just wanted Su Tangzhen to marry him, but Su Tang quietly let go of Mo Lin’s hand, Mo Lin turned disappointed and turned away. Behind Su Tang said loudly that he was willing to marry Mo Lin, Mo Lin turned to Su Tang with surprise. Su Tang said that he had to pass Lu Ping’s approval. Lu Ping had come behind and said loudly that he would let Su Tang marry Mo Lin. Mo Lin excitedly held Su Tang spinning and Lu Ping would smile.

Moline went to prepare the wedding dress, but Su Tang thought that she would be willing even if there was no wedding dress, but Lu Ping thought that there must be a wedding dress. The most beautiful girl wears a red wedding dress. Lu Ping proposed to go to Su Tang with Su Tang, after all, he would bother him later.

Yanxi Fan came to Wuyou Valley to find Lu Ping and returned to Kaifeng. Su Tang told Yan Xifan the role of Ecstasy Soul. If he removed the Ecstasy Soul he would have no life. Lu Ping also said that he would stay in Wuyou Gu Not going out, I hope Yan Xifan will not find him again. Without saying anything, Yan Xifan left, and Ling Ziyan remembered the secret purpose, worrying that Yan Xifan could not return to His Majesty.

Mo Lin handed the waist card to Yan Xifan and asked him to follow him to find Luping. Mo Lin believed that as long as Yan Xifan and Lu Ping worked together to find a solution, the problem could be solved. At the same time, Mo Buliu was also surprised to learn that the Long Jiejun had come. He wanted to rest assured that Lu Ping could stay and he could give the cold break talk to the couple. Don’t leave to the subordinates to go to Houshan to retreat, and no one is allowed to enter according to the old rules. Do not stay in these years to retreat every month to refine elixir, but no one knows what he refined.

Mo Lin and Yan Xifan have been staring at Mo Wuliu, Mo Lin’s instinct father must be able to safely solve the problem and make Lu Ping invincible, then Lu Ping can solve the problem together with Yan Xi Fan, Mo Lin I just hope that the few people in Fengfengtang can fight side by side as always.

In the night, Mo Lin and Yan Xifan came to Mo Bu to keep a peek and saw that Mo Bu was holding a red grass movement and suddenly vomited blood. Morin hurried in and found out that he would stay poisoned. Mo Lin planned to help Mo Bu Liu leave, Lu Ping came to deliver the medicine to save Mo Bu Liu, it turned out that Lu Ping had discovered Mo Lin and Yan Xifan’s anomaly and stared from behind.

Lu Ping told Mo Lin to keep Mo Lin about the upcoming marriage, let him protect his body, and he would not blame Mo Lin for the big event and would not say so. The flowers that must be planted are Liangyi flowers, the purpose is to help Lu Ping reshape the meridians. This flower can help Lu Ping reshape the meridians to keep the impact of Lu Ping’s six souls.

But the two instruments are highly toxic, and each time they stay, they will be poisoned. Fortunately, each time the parrots come to herbal medicine to detoxify. The reason why I refused to stay out these years is because of my commitment to the cold break, and the cultivation of this flower has been poisoned countless times for so many years. Mo Lin did not allow Mo Lin to go out because he was afraid that he would die at any time, Mo Lin could inherit the family business. Mo Lin knelt down and said that he would carry the burden of Wu You Gu with Mo Bu Liu, and he would never go out at will. Mo Bu touched the surface but pretended not to like it and pushed Mo Lin away.

Mo Lin and Yan Xifan heard the conversation between Mo Lin and his son, and thought that Mo would not leave the love and the meaning right, and Lu Ping’s thing about Lu Yihua hopes never to get it again. Lu Ping also said that he didn’t want to mention the past grudges again, in exchange for Yan Xifan’s one-two perfection, he felt worth it. Lu Ping asked Mo Lin to prepare for the marriage and accompany the old man well, not to be as filial as a bird.

Yan Xifan can only persuade Morin to listen to Lu Ping’s words, and leave the rest to him. Suddenly one day someone held a waist card and asked to see Mo Lin. Mo Lin thought it was Yan Xifan but did not think it was Ling Ziyan. Ling Ziyan tells Mo Lin that Yan Xifan intends to go to Mo without leaving two flowers, and those who must open two flowers must be the soul of the soul. Only in this way, Yan Xifan hopes that Ling Ziyan will go with her. If she urges to open the two flowers, let her be handed over to Lu Ping. Ling Ziyan holds Yan Xifan and refuses to let him leave, stealing while embracing. Came to see Moline. Ling Ziyan knelt down and begged Molin for help, and Molin told Ling Ziyan that she would risk the death of nine deaths if she wanted to urge two flowers, not to mention the day when he was married.

Ling Ziyan believes that Moline is different. Moline is a genius doctor. Ling Ziyan is willing to use her life to invite Mo Lin to go. Mo Lin kicked Ling Ziyan’s dagger and at the same time promised that he would not put Mo Lin and Lu Ping in danger. He could only make the kiss first. Mo Lin asked Ling Ziyan to go to the bamboo house and wait for the marriage to go together.

Mo Lin selected Ruyi hairpins for Su Tang, let Su Tang make a wish, Su Tang hopes that Lu Ping can meet with Qin Sang earlier to be happy. Mo Lin suddenly remembered that the two instruments could not only save Lu Ping, but also help Qin Sang to resist cold poison. A flower can involve the lives of several people, and Mo Lin already has a plan in mind.

Lu Ping came to Su Tang to send sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, but saw the note left by Mo Lin lending Su Tang out for a while. Lu Ping couldn’t help laughing, and felt that Su Tang’s sweet-scented osmanthus candy should be given by Mo Lin. Mo Lin took Su Tang to Gui Hua-lin, and prepared the medicine for her, and Su Tang collapsed in Mo. Lin Huaizhong, Mo Lin hoped that everything would be peaceful after Su Tang woke up. By then Su Tang was not only his master but also his wife, he could only come back after thinking of Su Tang.

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