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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 37 Recap

Ling Ziyan woke up and forcibly opened the door and ran out. Lu Ping looked at the Yan Qiu speech in front of her and began to wonder. Doubting why Yan Qiu refused to return, Ling Ziyan ran over to stop Lu Ping, and Lu Ping realized that the person in front of him was Yan Qiu. At the beginning, Yan Xifan saw Lu Ping and used a break mark on him to make way. Ping misidentified him as Yan Qiu.

From the beginning, Yan Xifan planned to die in the hands of Lu Ping, but Lu Ping believed that the culprit was Yan Qiuci, not Yan Xifan. In the past, Yan Xifan used to talk about chivalry, but when Yan Qiu Ci changed, Yan Xifan smiled helplessly and Yan Qiu Ci was his father, even if he violated his vest.

Molin treated Qin Sang and found that Qin Sang was really poisoned, but he was always supported by willpower. Qin Sang asked Mo Lin not to tell anyone, especially Su Tang and Lu Ping. Qin Sang was anxious to find Yan Xifan, hoping that Yan Xifan could persuade Lu Ping, and Mo Lin suddenly smelled the smell of Shanhailou coming towards them. Qin Sang guessed that the other party was coming towards Lv Shenfeng. When she and Mo Lin hurried back, they found that Wen Rui brought Su Tang, and Liu Song had taken Lv Shenfeng. According to Su Tang, Lv Shenfeng was willing to see Liu Song of.

Qin Sang realized that Liu Song was going to act today, so Wen Rui made all defense preparations. Lv Shenfeng came to see Liu Song. Liu Song blamed himself for not knowing that Lv Shenfeng was still alive. Otherwise, he would go back to rescue him. Liu Song made revenge to Lv Shenfeng. Lv Shenfeng immediately said that he would take revenge for his elder brother. Liu Song controlled Liu Song with his spirit, and hoped that Liu Song would accompany him to complete this matter.

Yan Jin took Lv Shenfeng outside Wuji Mountain Villa, let him go in search of the man who killed his brother, and Lv Shenfeng ran straight to Wuji Mountain Villa. When he saw Yan Xifan, he decided that he was the murderer and wanted to kill Yan Xifan. Lu Ping quickly blocked Lu Shenfeng, Yan Xifan found that Lu Shenfeng was controlled by the spirit of spirit, reminding Lu Ping to wake Lu Shenfeng quickly. Lv Shenfeng destroyed the Blowing Horn Company but also recognized Lu Ping. He suddenly flew over behind him and pierced his back with a sharp blade. This person was Yan Qiu’s speech.

Liu Song also appeared on the spot, ironically, Yan Qiu’s speech actually killed the three peak owners, and Lu Ping should recognize the real enemy. Lu Ping gave Yan Qiu a sword stab, Yan Qiu stunned Lu Ping, who was about to kill Yan Xifan, rushed over to protect Lu Ping and was pushed to the side by Yan Qiu Ci. Yan Qiu was about to kill Lu Ping, but found that the Qiansong ruler in his hand was fake, Liu Song held the real Qiansong ruler in his hand, and successfully took out the soldier symbol. Liu Songyu wanted to release the rumor of the rivers and lakes, with the title of Yan Qiu Ci killing his younger brother and giving away the soldier symbol to Shanhailou.

Liu Song ordered people to take Lu Ping before he left. Su Tang and Qin Sang were one step late when they arrived. Su Tang was going to catch Yan Qiu to resign Lu Ping, but Qin Sang had to order Wen Rui to take Su Tang in consideration of the overall situation. Qin Sang ran out with his sword alone, and Mo Lin followed.

Qin Sang asked Mo Lin to give her heart, because Su Tang’s emotional instability, this is the best way for her. Morin fully understands Qin Sang, but he is also worried about what to do when Qin Sang’s cold poison attacks. Qin Sang couldn’t care about himself at all, he wanted peace at the border. Qin Sang can now better understand what Qin Qi has done before, even if he takes his own life to protect one side is worthwhile.

Chu Min learned that Lu Ping was again arrested and returned to Shanhailou to kneel and beg Liu Song to release Lu Ping. Chu Min reminded Liu Song that Lu Ping was the only son of the cold break. Liu Song then took Lu Ping to Lingtang to worship the spirit card of the cold talk. Liu Song talked about the events of the year. When Liu Song was ordered to come to Beidou to apprentice, he actually wanted to draw Beidou to serve the kingdom, but when he came here, Liu Song fell in love with it. There was no intrigue here. Harmony and harmony, especially when talking about couples being generous.

Luping was born to be awake by nature. Danguo thought that Luping was the key to their combat effectiveness, so Liu Song took Luping back. I never thought that Liu Song was discovered by the cold break before leaving Liu Song. The cold break also found Liu Song’s identity, but he did not deeply blame Liu Song for letting Liu Song choose whether to stay or not. Liu Song chose to stay, except for Chu Min’s sake for this rare tranquility, and for the purpose of calling Leng Xiu to talk about Big Brother.

Later, Zhai Rong and Yan Qiu colluded and destroyed Beidou. Leng Xiulian and his wife spent seven years of effort to save Lu Ping, and finally covered Liu Song and killed Lu Ping in the secret room. When Zhai Rong and others left, there was a fire. Liu Song looked at the body of the cold-breaking couple and wept desperately. He also spent a long time in the fire and ruined his face, but he had been protecting Lu Ping from leaving.

In the heavy rain, Liu Song crawled all the way around holding Lu Ping. Fortunately, the people under him found Liu Song and took it back. Liu Song told Lu Ping that the place he founded was called Shan Hai Lou, just to remind those people of their sins.

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