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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 34 Recap

Wen Rui was annoyed to kill Lu Ping, thinking that as long as Lu Ping appeared, Miss Qin Sang would not have a good result. However, since Wen Rui had been in the army, Qin Qi had warned that he could only fight the enemy and never kill the innocent. Wen Rui did not want to insult the general Yingying. Lu Ping asked Wen Rui the truth, and learned that Qin Sang married Yan Xifan to eliminate Shanhailou, and everything was for Lu Ping. Lu Ping begged Wen Rui to let him go to help Qin Sang. Qin Sang was in danger alone. Wen Ruigang was about to be moved. Unexpectedly, some people dressed up in Shanhailou suddenly appeared and attacked Wenrui’s army. When Luping Ping escaped, Shanhailou people forced him all the way to the lake, and Luping jumped into the water.

Qin Sang awakened from his nightmare, and the reporter reported that he saw Ling Ziyan in the villa and reported the trend of Yan Qiu’s speech. Qin Sang came to Ling Ziyan, Ling Ziyan was waiting outside with her luggage. Qin Sang hopes that Ling Ziyan can stay. Ling Ziyan asks why Qin Sang always takes her things and keeps her behind him for a lifetime. Qin Sang explains that his purpose is to kill Liu Song and destroy the soldiers in Qiansong ruler. Qin Sang hopes that Ling Ziyan will bear the burden of humiliation, and she will make Ling Ziyan the master and let her be married to Yan Xifan when things are done. Ling Ziyan asked what should Qin Sang’s reputation do? These Qin Sang did not care, but thought that the man who married Yanxi Fan was the master of Ningxi County and not Qin Sang, as long as she could destroy the Shanhailou, she did not care. At this time, Yan Xifan came over and Qin Sang took the burden from Ling Ziyan to let her talk with Yan Xifan.

Yan Xifan promised to give Ling Ziyan a home as long as Pingding Shanhailou was settled, but currently he cannot leave here, and Luping needs a helper. Ling Ziyan plunged into Yan Xifan’s arms, claiming to fight side by side with Yan Xifan, and to be with him in an upright manner. That is the meaning of her life. Yan Xifan hugged Ling Ziyan tightly and thanked her for her understanding and support. Qin Sang looked at the smile of the lovers, and did not disappoint Luping.

Luping encountered a stream of air at the bottom of the lake, and the airflow rolled around Luping all the way to another place. At the same time, Wen Rui reported to Qin Sang that Lu Ping had disappeared, and Qin Sang rushed out to the lake and called Lu Ping’s name.

Ling Ziyan felt that Lu Ping disappeared very strangely. Wuji Villa has been closely guarded. How did the people of Shanhailou sneak into the captivity and walk flat? Besides, the current focus is on the Qiansong ruler. Yan Xifan also felt very strange to investigate with Ling Ziyan.

On the other side, Qin Sang did not find Lu Ping for a night. Originally he wanted to ask Yan Qiu for help, but Yan Qiu offered to hurry up and prepare for the wedding. Qin Sang reminded Yan Qiu that the wedding ceremony was just a guise. The real goals were Qian Songzhi and Lv Shenfeng, but Yan Qiu Ci held the imperial speech to hold the wedding.

Qin Sang began to suspect that Yan Qiu’s remarks had another purpose. He delayed the wedding from the beginning and now refuses to see Lu Shenfeng. Wen Rui took out the broken arrow on the day of the incident. Wen Rui suspected that he was from Wuji Mountain Villa. Yan Xifan happened to hear that he firmly disagreed with speculation, Yan Xifan questioned what the hell was Qin Sang? Qin Sang raised all his doubts about Yan Qiu’s speech, and Yan Xi all defended them one by one. Qin Sang mentioned the fact that Lv Shenfeng was hidden by Yan Qiu. Although Yan Xifan was a little surprised, he also thought that he had not been at home in recent years. It was normal for his father to tell him something. The reason why Qin Sang told the secrets he knew was that he wanted to find out the truth through the hands of Yan Xifan.

Qin Sang continued to look at Lu Ping by the lake alone. At this time, Lu Ping had awakened in the water cell and saw a man with white hair. Lu Ping called him Lao Bai. Lao Bai recognized that the weapon in Luping’s hands was the Blowing Horn Company, and quickly removed it to upgrade the Blowing Horn Company. Lao Bai called Luping the big brother. Lu Ping tried out the upgraded weapon and caused a slight fluctuation in the lake. Qin Sang immediately realized that it was Lu Ping, and Lu Ping also felt that Qin Sang was nearby.

Yan Qiuci was masked in black and suddenly attacked Qin Sang, driving Qin Sang into the bottom of the lake. Lu Ping thought that Qin Sang jumped down to save him, and quickly rescued the unconscious Qin Sang. Qin Sang truthfully stated that he was beaten down.

Yan Qiuci knew that Yan Xifan had been instigated by Qin Sang and started investigating him, so he deliberately arranged a play to be heard by Yan Xifan. That was to arrange for the robbery of the Shanhailou Qiansong ruler. Yan Xifan finally helped Yan Qiu Ci won a thousand loose feet. Yan Qiuci even explained what he had done. Everything was misunderstood from the big picture, which made Yan Xifan feel guilty about doubting his father.

Morin had given Lu Ping some medicine before, and he would vomit as soon as he encountered poison, and Lu Ping suddenly vomited blood after eating Lao Bai’s food. After inspection, Qin Sang found that it was not a deadly poison. It was an herbal medicine commonly used by the military to give messages to people who could not be killed. After a long time, the other party would gradually forget everything and even forget who they were.

Lao Bai has always called Lu Ping as his elder brother, and he is also proficient in weapons forging. This made Qin Sang see that Lao Bai was actually Lu Shenfeng, the master of Beidou Tianquan Fengfeng who had disappeared for many years.

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