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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 21 Recap

Xiang Jiang calmly looked at Chi Cheng, who was far in the car, and entered the Japanese military vehicle.

Miyamoto and Ye Chong returned to the Military and Political Office in a car. Miyamoto took Ye Chong to remind Xiangjiang’s white handkerchief and asked why Ye Chong had always been restless recently. The hall has been audited for a while. Miyamoto asked about He Ying’s current situation. Ye Chong only said that he had sent He Ying to explore the underground party among the students to prevent it. Miyamoto smiled and said that Ye Chong could nibble the hard bone of He Ying. Ye Chong only said that He Ying is also a yearning for the strong.

In the interrogation room of the Military and Political Office, Miyamoto interrogates Xiangjiang. Xiang Jiang made it clear that he would not tell Miyamoto everything he knew. Miyamoto mentioned that Xiang Jiang could not protect his wife and children, and could be regarded as a loser. Xiangjiang learned that his wife and daughter were in the hands of Miyamoto, and admitted that he was the Xiangjiang he was looking for, and that since the death of Osprey and Fengfan, he was the highest level code in Hong Kong.

Miyamoto didn’t think Qiu Chan was dead. Xiangjiang made it clear that Qiu Chan had been killed by the Japanese. Miyamoto speculated that Xiang Jiang would not hesitate to expose himself to protect other comrades, thinking that his wife and daughter were dead. Miyamoto took a picture of Xiangjiang’s wife and daughter and persuaded Xiangjiang to do one thing for his wife and daughter, which was to invest in the Japanese and rescue his wife and daughter. Miyamoto left the interrogation room, and Ye Chong looked at the painful Xiangjiang and learned that Miyamoto’s usual methods had worked.

After the arrest of Xiang Jiang, Chi Cheng reported to the organization that Xiang Jiang was arrested. Ye Chong found Xiaozhuang, and Xiaozhuang told him that the organization agreed to Ye Chong’s joint with Xiangjiang, but the risk was high. Ye Chong said that he now has a way to kill two birds with one stone.

The next day, Ye Chong came to the interrogation room to interrogate Xiangjiang. Ye Chong just stared at Xiang Jiang in a daze, Ye Chong lying on Xiang Jiang’s ear and said that he would decide what he would choose in the end. Xiangjiang watched Miyamoto rush in and directly bite Ye Chong’s ear to remind him that Ye Chong pretended to shoot Xiangjiang. Xiang Jiang proposed that everyone must listen to their own arrangements so that they can hand over the codebook and all the secrets.

Miyamoto reported Sato ’s request to Sato that he should let go of his wife and daughter and prepare another three tickets. Miyamoto was concerned that after Xiang Jiang left, he would no longer cooperate with the work to hand over the full list. Ye Chong believed that as long as Xiang Jiang surrendered one or two people on the list, he could directly pick out all the Communist parties. Sato believed that Ye Chong’s point of view was correct, and asked him to cooperate with Miyamoto’s work to implement the arrest plan. At the same time, he agreed to Xiangjiang’s proposal with his wife and daughter.

Chi Cheng reads the message left by Xiang Jiang at home. On May 4, Yau Ma Tei Stone Bridge still needs to sign. Chi Cheng analyzed that Xiang Jiang thought about everything, and decided to expose herself in order to notify more dormants. Chi Cheng was worried that Ye Chong would say something about Vietnam, and felt that even the Hongmen Banquet would go. Ye Chong asked Xiaozhuang to find a way to tell Chi Cheng that Xiangjiang’s mother and daughter were about to transfer, hoping that he would rescue Xiangjiang’s wife and daughter.

Miyamoto hoped that Xiangjiang would confess now. Xiangjiang asked to see all his contacts before seeing his wife and daughter. Sato told Miyamoto that the person he was looking for last time was actually Professor Yu Zhongping. He was very active in Shanghai and suspected that he secretly joined the Communist Party of China. Miyamoto analysis can rely on him to achieve greater achievements. Sato believes that Xiangjiang has already been caught, or Professor Yu needs to be sent directly to Shanghai. Sato thinks it should be easier today, and invites Miyamoto to drink.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the Blue Leopard drove Xiangjiang’s wife and daughter to the Military and Political Office, and Xiaofeng took people to wait for the rescue of Xiangjiang’s wife and daughter.

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