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Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Episode 49 End Recap

Sakata asked Shang Xirui to put on a kimono again and sing a same song for him, so that Shang Xirui could be let go and take Cheng Fengtai’s medicine away. Xue Zhicheng believed that this was an insult to Shang Xirui. He said that he could join the army and die on the battlefield. The only condition was that he hoped that Sakata would release Shang Xirui, and he would no longer embarrass him.

Xue Zhicheng personally put the medicine in Shang Xirui’s hand, urging Shang Xirui to leave quickly, and hoped that he would never see Shang Xirui again. Shang Xirui didn’t go back to Chengfu with the medicine all the way.

The doctor rushed to take medicine for Cheng Fengtai, and Chun Xing came up with an idea to let the child stand on a high place to cheer for his father Cheng Fengtai, but the child was still too young to go up. Shang Xirui asked to climb up the roof.

In this way, Shang Xirui sang on the roof for a day and night, during which everyone persuaded Shang Xirui to come down, but he just didn’t listen, Zhou Xiangyun was crying and begging for Shang Xirui to worry, because of his broken voice, Shang Xi Rui doesn’t listen to self-satisfaction at all.

Cheng Fengtai finally woke up. Everyone happily ran over to visit. Shang Xirui also came down from the roof, but left the Cheng family silently with Zhou Xiangyun. Jiang Mengping stopped Shang Xirui, worried about his body, and Shang Xirui called her sister again. Jiang Mengping was very happy, knowing that Shang Xirui had forgiven her.

In fact, it has always been the situation and photos of Xue Qianshan, the provider of Duro City in Hong Kong, for Duro City to speak to the Chinese in foreign newspapers and to speak to Shang Xirui. Xue Qianshan was happy to see Duro City ’s reply. Smiled and destroyed the letter with a fire.

Cheng Fengtai walked down on crutches. Fan Lian told Cheng Fengtai that the hardest people in these days were Shang Xirui and Fan Xiang’er. Fan Xianger came to support Cheng Fengtai at this time. Fan Xianger told Cheng Fengtai that Shang Xirui offended the Japanese and put him in the cell. He also prepared a train ticket, hoping that Cheng Fengtai would take it to Shang Xirui. Fan Xianger was worried that the Japanese were being rushed before releasing Shang Xirui. If it fell into the hands of the Japanese in the future, it might not be so easy to come out. Fan Xianger hoped that Shang Xirui could leave with them. Fan Xiang’er claimed that Shang Xirui was a person of great love and righteousness during these days, and she was willing to leave here with Shang Xirui.

Fan Xianger completely changed his mind about Shang Xirui. When Cheng Fengtai was seriously ill, she was ready to be a widow, but she did not have the courage to seek revenge from the Japanese, but Shang Xirui had the guts. Based on this, Fan Xiang’er believes that Shang Xirui should have eaten Cheng’s life forever. The reason why Shang Xirui left after Cheng Fengtai woke up, Fan Xianger has her own opinion, she thinks that Shang Xirui and Cheng Fengtai are the life and death, you I can send each other’s lives when I come and go. He just didn’t want Cheng Fengtai to thank him, so he quietly left.

Shang Xirui was thinking about Cheng Fengtai at this time. He picked up the phone several times and hung up again. At this moment, the phone rang suddenly. Cheng Fengtai’s voice came from the receiver and asked to see Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui was so excited that he couldn’t speak, and tears twirled in his eyes. Cheng Fengtai cared about Shang Xirui’s voice, and Shang Xirui was crying without knowing how to speak. Cheng Fengtai kept calling Shang boss. Cheng Fengtai promised to wait two days before he went to see Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui gladly agreed, and claimed that it was the premiere of Fengxianzhuan after two days. Cheng Fengtai seemed to have a lot of words to talk to Shang Xirui, but he didn’t know what to say when he spoke, and the two could only expect to meet for two days.

Shang Xirui’s debut of the Phoenix Immortals, people from all walks of life gave a lot of flower baskets, especially Cheng Fengtai is more generous. Cheng Fengtai’s flower basket arrived and people arrived. He walked on a cane to see Shang Xirui in the background. Cheng Fengtai was worried that Sakata would find Shang Xirui in the future. He also said that the reason why he was in a hurry was to prevent Sakata from holding him back, and after going to Hong Kong, Cheng Fengtai promised to film Shang Xirui’s opera movie. Cheng Fengtai put the ticket in front of Shang Xirui, who said nothing, and Cheng Fengtai gave Shang Xirui the equity of Shuiyunlou, and also told him to go out and hide and do not go too far.

Cheng Fengtai watched Shang Xirui’s throat, and worried that he could not sing in the future. Shang Xirui claimed that if he had a bad voice, he would go to Hong Kong to play with him. This made Cheng Fengtai very happy. Cheng Fengtai remembered that Commander Cao once asked Shang Xirui to kill or play, but now this sentence is changed to Cheng Fengtai to ask Shang Xirui, Shang Xirui has not been answered and has been urged to come to power. Shang Xirui extended his hand to wish Cheng Fengtai all the way down. Cheng Fengtai took off his gloves and held Shang Xirui’s hand, so he was so reluctant to separate. Before leaving, the bird taught by Shang Xirui finally spoke to bless Cheng Fengtai.

Cheng Fengtai walked to the door and looked back at the stage. Shang Xirui had already begun to sing. The appearance of Shang Xirui on the stage was still so beautiful, and there was applause under the stage. Shang Xirui looked at Cheng Fengtai with a smile, and Cheng Fengtai looked at Shang Xirui. The two looked at each other with a smile in their eyes.

Lao Ge urged Cheng Fengtai to leave quickly, otherwise he could not catch the train. Cheng Fengtai turned around and left. Shang Xirui watched the place where Cheng Fengtai left empty into the night and couldn’t help tears flashing.

On the way to the train station, Cheng Fengtai recalled the scene where he and Shang Xiru walked all the way, thinking about the couple’s friendship with Fan Xiang’er. The voice of Shang Xirui echoed from the ear, and Xiaofengxian and the general said goodbye on the stage, just like the difference between Shang Xirui and Cheng Fengtai.

After the drama, Shang Xirui had no time to remove the makeup and rushed to the train station. The railway station Fengtai refused to get on the train. He kept staring at the direction of the intersection and suddenly saw Shang Xirui appearing there to smile at him. But looking closely, there was no one at the intersection, except for the snow. Fan Xiang’er came to hold Cheng Fengtai’s hand, and Cheng Fengtai took Fan Xiang’er’s hand and stepped on the train together.

In the same year, the Chinese military and civilians ushered in a long and difficult period of stalemate in the anti-Japanese strategy. Cheng Fengtai, together with patriots such as Duro City and Yu Qing, funded patriotic publications to contribute to the anti-Japanese war.

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