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Witch Carrie

Witch Carrie (Novel)
Other Name: 魔女嘉莉, Carrie Witch

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Stephen King
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Carrie, who has lived in a single-parent family since childhood Under the control of her mother Margaret, because her mother believes that women must be extremely pure in order to receive the mercy of Jesus Christ, she has been suppressing Carrie’s growth, causing the teenage girl to look like a child. . It was not until Carrie was sixteen that she ushered in a girl’s menarche. No one had ever taught her how to deal with such things and made her laugh at her by her classmates. However, what they didn’t know was that this thin and weak one had been ridiculed by them. The bullying girl has the ability to control objects with her mind. When she slowly masters this ability, it is the beginning of her revenge!

Free Reading Highlights:
“I went with my sister and brother-in-law. My brother-in-law picks his nose, and my sister picks too. They really are–“

“I have to take a shower after school, and then—”

“The quality is too bad, don’t waste money, so Cindy and I—”

Miss Dejardins—their lean, flat-chested PE teacher—walked in. She scanned the locker room quickly and slapped her hands neatly. “What are you waiting for, Carrie? Detention? I’ll ring the bell in five minutes!” Her shorts were dazzlingly white, and the curves of her calves were not soft, but the looming muscles were eye-catching, and she was hanging from her neck. A silver whistle, that is the prize she won in the archery competition of her university.

The girls giggled, and Jia Li raised her head, her eyes slightly dulled and dazed by the heat and the continuous rumbling of water. “Uh?”

The sound was very similar to a strange frog call, too much like a frog call, so the girls giggled again. Sue Snell pulled the towel from his hair like a magician who was about to perform a wonderful show, and began to comb his hair quickly. Miss Dejardin impatiently gestured to Carrie to hurry up, and went out.

Carrie turned off the faucet, the last few drops of water dripped from the shower head, and she murmured into silence.

They didn’t see the blood dripping from her legs until she walked outside.

Excerpted from David R. Congres, “The Potential Explosion: The Documentary and Specific Conclusions of the Galita White Case” (Turan University Press, 1981), page 34:

Undoubtedly, people did not pay much attention to the specific examples of White’s ability to control objects in mind. The reason is as White and Stearns put forward in their paper “Talking about the ability to control objects in mind”: The ability to control the movement of objects only through thoughts will explode only under extreme pressure. This ability is usually hidden deep; otherwise, how could it remain unknown for centuries, and only occasionally reveal the tip of the iceberg hidden in the ocean of deception?

In this incident, we only have some hearsay evidence as the basis of the research. Even so, these evidences are enough to show that there is a huge potential for mind control in Carrie White. Sadly, it’s too late now… “Men-menstruation!”

Chrissy Hagensen was the first to scream, and the scream echoed across the tiled walls. Sue Snell tried to hold back the grin from his nose, feeling a strange emotion mixed with hatred, disgust, anger, and compassion. She looked so stupid and stood there straight, ignorant of what was happening. Oh my God, you would think she hasn’t been here yet-“Men-menstruation!”

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