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How to Break a Fierce Wife in a Family

How to Break a Fierce Wife in a Family (Novel)
Other Name: 家有悍妻怎么破

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jun-ho snow
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Lin Qingshu and Fu Jingene. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of the previous life. She was killed in the hands of White Lotus. Back when she was a child, she carefully planned her steps to get rid of the white lotus flower from the best family, and repayed her favor by the way. “Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m just repaying your life-saving grace in your last life.” “The life-saving grace should be repaid with the body.”

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After leaving the bookstore, Mrs. Gu took Qingshu to a shop selling rouge gouache.

Don’t take care of the old lady getting older, but she pays attention to maintenance. People in their fifties seem to be around forty.

Mrs. Gu picked a lot of things and was about to go home. It was also because Qing Shu hadn’t healed, otherwise the grandson and grandson would go to the restaurant to eat.

Aunt Xiang’s cooking skills are good, but it’s good to change the taste occasionally.

The lady boss sent them out personally. Unexpectedly, as soon as they walked out the door, a scrawny man jumped in front of them.

Qing Shu was shocked.

Seeing this, Mrs. Gu hurriedly hugged her in her arms, gently patted her back and said softly: “You are not afraid, there is grandma!”

Qing Shu smiled and said, “Grandma, I’m not afraid.” Although she was not afraid, the behavior of Mrs. Gu made her heart warm.

When the lady boss saw the incoming person, her face immediately sank: “What are you here for?”

The man said, “Sister, please help me. Sister, only you can save me now.”

“Save, how can I save it?”

The man said hurriedly: “As long as you lend me three hundred taels of silver, my disease can be cured.”

Seeing that the lady boss didn’t want to care about her, the man grabbed her sleeve and knelt on the ground: “Big sister, I don’t want to die, big sister, save me!” Except for this sister, no one can lend him so much money.

The lady boss shook off the man’s hand and said coldly: “Don’t say three hundred taels, I won’t give you three coins.”

The man wanted to entangle him again, a stout woman ran out of the shop and pushed him to the ground.

Seeing that he could not borrow money, the man immediately changed his face and cursed the boss’s wife for being cold-blooded and ruthless, and he would surely be retributed later.

The lady boss went into the shop without looking back. The man was taken away by the officials.

Qing Shu snuggled up against Mrs. Gu and asked strangely: “Grandma, are they really brothers and sisters?”

Old Mrs. Gu didn’t want to say more, but she thought that Qing Shu is now sensible and should let her know that people are sinister. Gu Xian was raised by her to be innocent and innocent, so that she is worried about sleep and food, and her granddaughter can no longer be like her.

After thinking about it, Mrs. Gu told Qing Shu about the boss’s wife.

In fact, this matter is not complicated, that is, the parents of the proprietress Xue Xiaofu are patriarchal. When she was six years old, Xue Jia Dalang, the man Qing Shu saw just now, was seriously ill and sold Xue Xiaofu to save him.

When Xue Xiaofu was 22 years old, the grace of the winner was released. At that time, she missed her parents for many years, and returned to her family after she was released; but she did not expect her parents to marry her to a 50-year-old man who even had grandchildren at the instigation of Xue Dalang and his wife. It’s just because of the old man, the gift is extremely high.

Xue Xiaofu got the news and ran away overnight. But she didn’t have a household registration and could not lead to the county seat. Because she could make rouge gouache, she went to work in the Gu’s rouge gouache shop.

The Ming dynasty was more enlightened than the previous dynasty, and the previous dynasty had extremely strict requirements for women’s household registration. However, as long as the women of the dynasty can afford to pay taxes, they can establish a female household. Xue Xiaofu set up a female household after spending money. Once a female household was established, her parents and sister-in-law could no longer sell her. Otherwise, it is an offence.

Qing Shu admired Xue Xiaofu very much. If she could escape in her previous life, she would not fall to that miserable situation. It’s a pity to think about it. There are many maids around her, and no one can help them to escape.

Even if he escaped, it would be even more miserable if he encountered a kidnapper.

“Grandma, what happened then?”

Old Mrs. Gu smiled and said: “Boss Xue married Zhao Datou in the county seat, and then she knew I was going to sell this shop, so she bought it. The profit of this shop is very objective, and now she has a very rich life. Xue Lao When the father and mother were alive, she gave twelve taels of silver a year to pension; when the two elderly people passed away, she broke off contact with the Xue family.”

Qing Shu muttered, “Why do you still have to pay for the pension?” Selling it once is not enough, but selling it a second time. Don’t worry about such parents.

Old Mrs. Gu touched Qingshu’s head and said, “Stupid child, she has sons and daughters. If she has a reputation for unfilial piety, it will affect her children’s future marriage. It’s just a few pennies that can affect her children. “You can sever your relationship with your brothers and sisters, but you can’t abandon your parents. In order to stop the public, even if the parents are unbearable, they have to be supported.

Qing Shu didn’t say a word.

Old Mrs. Gu said: “Qing Shu, grandma told you about this because I hope you understand that people’s hearts are sinister. For the benefit, those close to you will turn against each other.”

It seems that many people sell their daughters in exchange for benefits, not just Lin Chengyu.

Seeing Qingshu being bored, Mrs. Gu said again: “As long as there is a defensive heart, others can’t do calculations if they want.” Gu Xian was not at all defensive. Now that she is alive, she can still wait, and she doesn’t know what the situation is when she is gone.

Qing Shu said: “Grandma, don’t worry, I will learn my skills.” It’s useless to have a defensive heart. You have to be able to resist.

Mrs. Gu was so happy, she didn’t expect her granddaughter to be so clever, she would make sense at one point: “My family is so smart.

The grandparents and grandchildren returned home happily.

After arriving home, the concierge replied that Mr. Mao from the second room had already waited at home for half an hour.

Old lady Gu nodded slightly.

When Mr. Mao saw Mrs. Gu, he immediately stood up and called, “Sister-in-law.”

When Qing Shu heard this, he immediately stepped forward to salute the Mao family. This second grandma looks much older than her grandma.

Mao nodded slightly.

Mrs. Gu was sitting on the Arhats with Qingshu in his arms, and asked, “But what’s the matter?” She didn’t go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing. She and Mao’s words were not speculative. Although he is a wife, she doesn’t move around on weekdays except for meeting each year and holidays.

Mao’s complexion became stiff, she was asking for something. But she said it so bluntly that she couldn’t go through her face.

Mrs. Gu looks down on Mao the most. Obviously, he is holding the air while asking for something wrong, and it is annoying to look at it.

Mao said, “Sister-in-law, I heard that Qingshu started to read and read. I have a copybook for Qingshu.” After speaking, he took out the copybook.

Old Mrs. Gu has been a concubine with the Mao family for more than 20 years. How can she not know her temperament, she has to turn a few turns and she will not just say it.

Qing Shu did not accept the copybook, but looked at Mrs. Gu.

Mrs. Gu laughed and said: “Since it was given by your second grandmother, you can accept it!”

Qing Shu accepted the copybook and thanked him.

Mao glanced at Qing Shu and the maid in the house, his expression embarrassed.

Mrs. Gu didn’t seem to see it.

Mao bit his scalp and said, “Sister-in-law, can you hold back.” With so many people present, she couldn’t speak.

She is really used to her. Mrs. Gu said impatiently: “I’ll just tell you what’s okay, I’m going to have dinner if it’s okay.” After shopping for a long time, I must be hungry.

For the sake of his son’s future, I have to be embarrassed. Mao’s face blushed and said, “Mr. Lin from Bailu Academy is rich in learning and has a high moral character. If Jie’er can worship him as a teacher, the future scientific examinations will be smooth.”

Mrs. Gu glanced at the Mao family, but did not speak. Gu Hejie has a mediocre literary style, otherwise he won’t be only a talent in his 20s. It is a pity that the Mao family believed that Gu Hejie was the material for studying, but he was not lucky enough to meet the famous teacher and delayed him.

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