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A Tender Heart and Two Eyes

A Tender Heart and Two Eyes (Novel)
Other Name: 一颗柔心两目温情

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Lin Wanwan
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Lin Wanwan and Xiao Yeling. The story of the novel is mainly about four years later, she and her son Return. A noble and domineering man suddenly broke into her world, “Say, who is the child’s father?” A small version of him suddenly jumped out, “Where is the wild man, dare to grab the young goddess!” “…” Xiao Yeling, “Woman, steal my heart, do you know what will end?” “Ah?” “As compensation, be my wife for the rest of my life!” After marriage, the couple abused the dog by the way. Facing the ex who came to ask for reconciliation, Lin Wanwan hugged the man’s arm and grinned at the scumbag. “Compared to my girlfriend, I prefer you to call my second aunt!”

Free Reading:
Lin Wei was injured and filming was suspended.
Lin Wei returned to the nanny car to rest.
Lin Wei leaned on the chair with ice in her hand. She asked her assistant Xiaoqian, “Did you see the person standing outside the window during the shooting?”

“I didn’t pay attention.”
“Go and ask!” The assistant also asked. Without asking the reason, she immediately got out of the car and ran to find out. After a while, she opened the door of the nanny car with sweating profusely, “Sister Wei, inquire clearly. It is said that Director Li found the actor Chen Fei today , The staff just brought the actress to get to know the environment.”

“What is the actress’s name?” Lin Wei looked anxious.
“I didn’t inquire about this.”
“Is the person leaving now?”

The assistant did not understand why Lin Wei paid so much attention to the actress, but he did not dare to hide it. …Sister Wei, don’t worry, I heard them say that the actress who plays the concubine Chen will join the group tomorrow, and we should be able to see it tomorrow . ” Tomorrow? !

She can’t wait for a moment!
She must figure out, that woman… is it Lin Wanwan?

“By the way, Sister Wei, today’s Chen Fei’s audition, isn’t the president of Starlight also gone, don’t you know if you ask the president!”

Why did she forget this!

Three years ago, Lin Wei and Xiao Yu made their love affair public. Because Xiao Yu is a young talent in Yuncheng, the relationship between the two people has attracted much attention. In addition, Lin Wei has found the navy, which exaggerated the relationship between the two people. At that time, the two of them attracted media attention.

Taking advantage of the heat, Lin Wei took advantage of the trend to enter the entertainment circle.
Three years ago, as soon as she entered the entertainment industry, she signed a five-year contract with Starlight Media, with the investment that Xiao Yu gave her. In addition, she was originally a student of acting. In the past three years, she has acted in several youth idol dramas. Become a popular domestic flower.

After three years, she has become a veritable sister of Starlight Media, and she has some friendship with Starlight’s president for Yu Nian.

After thinking about it, Lin Wei immediately dialed the number for more than a year.
“Hey, Mr. Yu…”
“Weiwei, do you want to ask me something?” “I just want to ask you, Mr. Yu, you also went to the audition for Director Li today. I want to ask, the one decided Actress, what’s her name?”

After speaking, Lin Wei squeezed her phone and waited nervously for Yu Nian’s answer.
Bang bang bang!
She could almost hear her heartbeat.

It seemed that after a century, she finally heard Yu Nian’s excited voice, “You mean that Lin Wanwan?”
Lin Wanwan!
Lin Wei’s face turned pale instantly!
It was Lin Wanwan!

What was still talking about for more than a year, but she couldn’t hear it anymore. She had only one thought in her mind-Lin Wanwan was not dead!
She was not dead!

She clearly knew that she was the heroine of “The Story of Wan Fei”, and she came to the crew to audition. Did she come back for revenge?
“Weiwei, Weiwei?” The little assistant pushed Lin Wei’s arm and reminded in a low voice, “Sister Wei, the president is calling you!”

Lin Wei regained consciousness in an instant.
“Ms. Yu?”
“Why didn’t you talk for a long time?”
“I was thinking, you just said you want to sign Lin Wanwan?”

“Yes!” The voice that mentioned this year was excited again, “I Having founded Starlight for so many years, I have never seen such a good seedling! The acting skills are good, the length is still beautiful, and more importantly, young, such a young girl, there must be a big future in the future! This is just her debut to be able to play Li The play directed by Mou can still serve as the female number three in the play. The starting point is high enough. The girl’s future is unlimited. The most important thing is that she does not have a brokerage company. I must find a way to sign her!”

Lin Wei frowned!
Signed Lin Wanwan?

In the same company, wouldn’t she and Lin Wanwan have to look up and see you? !
Lin Wei just wanted to let Yu Nian dismiss this idea, and suddenly changed her mind…what’s wrong with a company? In a company with her, under her nose, what other waves can Lin Wanwan make? Three years ago, she had nothing to calculate, and three years later, Lin Wanwan was no match for her!

Especially for the rest of the year!

Yu Nian is a typical hungry ghost. Except for her being backed by Ayu’s brother, she didn’t dare to move her for more than a few years. Which of the other young and beautiful female artists in the company has never been involved? Lin Wanwan inherited her bitch mother, who is beautiful. After entering the company, can she escape the clutches of more than years? !

Thinking of this, Lin Wei immediately calmed down.
She squeezed her phone, leaned on the seat, and said with a smile, “Then you can always start quickly, and be able to enter the role of Director Li and play the role of Concubine Chen. If the news is released, there must be many brokerage companies. Hold out an olive branch to her, you have to hurry up!”
Lin Wei sneered again and again after hanging up the phone.

“Lin string together string together, since you live in relation to the clamp tail do not let me find, now dare to come to me, do not blame me ruthless! Three years ago you are not my opponent, after three years …… too!”

” Pretty auntie!” As soon as she left the crew, she heard a familiar voice. As soon as Lin Wanwan turned her head, she saw the little afro girl she met on the day she returned to China.

The little girl is chubby, wearing a beautiful princess dress, and the skirt is still exaggeratedly studded with rhinestones. She waved her fat arms and walked on two short, fleshy legs, with a big face on her face. A smile ran over to her.

Lin Wanwan’s heart was melted in half in an instant.
Suddenly— behind the girl, an out-of-control horse galloped over!
Lin Wanwan was shocked!

“Be careful!” The staff screamed, “The horse is frightened, run!”
At the speed of the horse, the girl will be stepped under the hoof in a few seconds!
There was a “buzz” in Lin Wanwan’s head, she didn’t think much, she rushed over, reached out her hand to hug the girl, and rolled on the spot!

With too much force, her head slammed on the wall, and Lin Wanwan’s eyes went black for an instant and she passed out.

Before she fell into a coma, a thought flashed in her head-before she had time for revenge, don’t just hang up so easily!
“Blood! Bleeding!” Xiao Xingan was guarded by Lin Wanwan in her arms. She didn’t suffer any injuries. As soon as she looked up, she saw Lin Wanwan’s head full of blood, and the little girl burst into tears. “Auntie! Don’t die, auntie! You still have to do your heartfelt numbness!” A large group of staff gathered around.
“Bleeding, look for someone!”
“What kind of person, hurry up and call for an ambulance!”

Someone wanted to hug Lin Wanwan. The little girl looked like an angry little lion, and pushed everyone away with red eyes, “Don’t move. I am numb! No one is allowed to move me numb!” At this moment, Xiao Yan suddenly pushed aside the crowd, abruptly separated out a path, and Xiao Lingye, who was completely cold, strode over.

Seeing Xiao Lingye, the little girl’s eyes were red immediately, “Baba…”
“Don’t be afraid! Nothing will happen!”

Xiao Lingye curled his eyebrows and glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was full of blood. She hugged it!
Xiao Yan’s eyes went straight! Princess hug!

The old brother is such a clean addict, the princess actually embraces a person with blood on his body!
Still a woman!

Brother, this iron tree is finally about to bloom!

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