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Yulong (2020) 遇龍

Yulong (2020) 遇龍

Yulong” is directed by Min Guohui, starring Wang Hedi and Zhu Xudan, and starring Deng Wei, Pan Meiye, Zhu Zanjin, Dai Wenwen, Zhan Yu, Yang Zhiying, etc. Adapted from Orange Light Games, the play tells the love story of the Dragon King and the little maid Liu Ying Sansheng III.

Director: Min Guohui

Actors: Wang Hedi / Zhu Xudan / Deng Wei / Pan Meiye / Zhu Zanjin / Dai Wenwen / Zhan Yu / Yang Zhiying

Number of episodes: 36 episodes

Broadcast date: May 10, 2020

Yulong Synopsis:

Liu Ying (Zhu Xudan) is the little maid next to Xia Houxue. She accidentally encountered a snake and was scared to death. Liu Ying quickly grabbed the snake, but she didn’t know that this snake was a Yinglong who had been practicing for thousands of years. His name was Yuchi Longyan (Wang Hedi). decoration). Yuchi Longyan took Liu Ying away to repay her kindness.

As a result, Xia Houxue, who cared about Liu Ying, mistakenly thought that she was missing. She encountered a wolf demon on the way to search, and finally died unexpectedly at the hands of Yuchi Longyan. Yuchi Longyan fulfilled Liu Ying’s wish, rescued the young lady and protected her for three generations. In this way, Yuchi Longyan fulfilled his promise, but in private he has been protecting Liu Ying’s life after another.

It was not until the fourth life, Gu Qingyan, that he knew of Yuchi Longyan’s existence, and was ordered to save Yuchi Longyan who was punished by Tiantian Ge Xingjun absorbed the soul, and finally the other half of the soul merged with Yuchi Longyan, helping Yuchi Longyan to defeat the villain.

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