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A Story of the Warring States

A Story of the Warring States
Other Title: 天行九歌之国士无双 / Tian Xing Jiu Ge Zhi Guo Tu Wu Shuang

Genres: drama, Historical, political
30 episodes
Release Date: 
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The world’s five points are checks and balances, and Qin Yingguo breaks the game first, intending to unify. Han Duguo was saved from war because of the great general Ji Wuye’s bravery and skillful fighting, but Ji Wuye cultivated the killer organization “Ye Shu” to control the government, and Han Du was shrouded in darkness. Han Fei, the nine son of the King of Handu, returned from a study tour, and wanted to make a big splash in the poor and weak motherland.

Therefore, in conjunction with Wei Zhuang, the heir of Guigu with outstanding swordsmanship, Zinu, the owner of Zilanxuan, who is brave enough to bear the eyebrows, and Zhang Liang, the young grandson of Xiangguo, the “living classics” Zhang Liang, set up “liusha” to confront Ji Wuye. The situation is erratic, the stump case is complicated and confusing, and there is a shadow of “night” behind it. The passionate “little sand group” went from picking up each other to tacit cooperation, and under the leadership of Han Fei, it turned over and over again and broke through the difficult situation. Han Fei also had a secret relationship with Zi Nu.

However, when the true identity of Zi Nu was revealed and Wei Zhuang became the lover of Prince Han Du, how could Han Fei save the disintegrated “quick sand”? Seeing a glimmer of life in the darkness, Han Fei united with the enemy’s enemies to solve the “quick sand” dilemma, and at the same time unveiled Ji Wuye’s intention to overthrow the Korean royal family. At this time, the mysterious force of Qin Ying, who has been hiding behind the five countries, has driven millions of troops to crush the territory, and the war is about to start! In order to protect his family and the country, Han Fei and Zi Nu went to Qin Ying to fight against the mysterious organization, heading for a grander destiny…

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