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Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Episode 39 Recap

Xue Qianshan suddenly received a letter with Shang Xirui dancing in a kimono. Xue Qianshan just wanted to conceal the incident. Behind him, a woman wearing a kimono smiled and looked at him. This man was the woman who was inserted by Xue Qianshan next to the Japanese, who was nominally his wife.

Xue Qianshan first approached Cheng Fengtai to inform him that the Japanese demanded that they must see the newspaper tomorrow. This matter is irreversible. I hope Cheng Fengtai and Shang Xirui can prepare in advance.

Cheng Fengtai went back and blamed Shang Xirui for not interacting with Xue Zhicheng and taking pictures, nor should he be threatened not to tell the truth, and if he redeemed the photos in advance, he would not have today’s results. Shang Xirui believed that Xue Zhicheng was just a cultural exchange officer at that time, and he did not know that Xue Zhicheng’s true identity was Jiujia Hema. Shang Xirui was even more reluctant to tell Cheng Fengtai to spend money on buying photos. . Cheng Fengtai was angry, claiming that he was willing to do wrong and would not see Shang Xirui’s business in the newspaper. Cheng Fengtai called Du Qi and also scolded him fiercely. The two of them almost started to fight. Shang Xirui took Cheng Fengtai to drive Du Qi away. Shang Xirui knew that Cheng Fengtai was going to ship the goods, and persuaded Cheng Fengtai to leave it alone. He didn’t care at all. He had learned everything in singing for so many years, and there was a way to solve it. Cheng Fengtai could only go back first.

The sound of Shang Long stopped Du Qi, and he felt that Du Qi had done something wrong this time. Du Qi confirmed that in his mind, Shang Xirui should not be just a Chinese Peking opera. He should be famous all over the world. Shang Longsheng asked Du Qi if he thought about whether Shang Xirui was willing to do what he expected? Shang Longsheng thought people were terrible, otherwise Ruan Lingyu would not commit suicide, and Du Qi felt that he might have done something wrong at this time.

Shang Xirui went on stage to sing “Su Sanqi Jie Jie”, the audience was extremely happy, but suddenly someone sprinkled Shang Xirui’s photos, and the group sentiment immediately became angry, and some even pulled the “pro-Japanese” Shang Xirui from the stage to The following call, Shang Xirui was injured, and everyone in Shuiyunlou shot the alarm, and finally the matter was settled. But after this incident, all the people on the street scolded Shang Xirui for colluding with the Japanese, and even some newspapers published Shang Xirui facelessly questioned the fans, and became angry and beat the fans. For a while, Shang Xirui almost became a public enemy. Shang Xirui’s ears were intermittently deaf and he was unable to perform on stage. The doctor couldn’t detect any problems. Everyone in Shuiyunlou was worried about Shang Xirui.

Cheng Fengtai escorted the materials and was hijacked by Gu Dali according to the plan, and Cheng Fengtai was negotiating with Gu Dali to let people go to the Black House for extortion. At that time, Cheng Meixin went to find a Japanese person. Cao Guixiu opposed this plan, and asked Cheng Fengtai to go back immediately to deliver the goods intact to the destination. Cao Guixiu believes that the reason why Sakata let Cheng Fengtai deliver goods is actually a kind of temptation to see whether Cheng Fengtai is reliable. What they really want to ship is definitely not this batch. The loss of this shipment is at most a loss of a transportation line, which has little effect on the Japanese. Cheng Fengtai asked how Cao Guixiu knew the Japanese thought.

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