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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 4 Recap

When Cao Ying and Ming Chengya were talking, someone came in to report that they found that someone had invaded, and it was sure that Li Gang was in. Cao Ying hurried out to find someone.

Zheng Taiyi walked on the road, recalling what Li Gong said to himself, and looking at the evidence on the wall, he always felt that there was nothing to discover.

Premier Gu broke into the palace to meet Li Gang, and Lu Shang Palace stopped her, but she not only said a few words about Lu Shang Palace, but also rushed into Li Gong ’s study, but Li Gong was in the study at this time. With the behavior of Premier Gu, Li Gong said a few words to her and she left.

Lu Shanggong arrived at the study after Premier Gu left. She was worried and angry about Li Gun ’s disappearance. Li Gun apologized to her and coaxed her to finish it. Then she found that the buttons on Li Gong’s clothes were gone, and she kept talking about him.

Zheng Taiyi found the team leader and said that there were other doubts about Li Shangdao’s death. The team leader didn’t want to listen to it, and didn’t want to toss about it anymore. However, Zheng Taiyi’s perseverance gave her two weeks to investigate.

Lu Shanggong said that Li Gong’s senior officer in service died and he should pay his condolences. Li Gong also agreed to take advantage of this opportunity, but Li Gong was very uncomfortable after the funeral. I remembered my childhood.

Zheng Taiyi was investigating a loss case, locked the suspect through surveillance and the cashier’s words in the convenience store, and then arrested her by looking for the suspect to buy a wallet.

After finishing the meeting, Premier Gu returned to the office and rested. After a while, her secretary came in and showed her a video. It was a video of an official who slander her in public. Not only did she say that she did not understand politics, but also that she had a plastic surgery. The man sent out a photo of the official and his lover.

Afterwards, Premier Gu came to the cafe and met Lord Fu Rongjun. Premier Zhu asked whether Fu Rongjun would hate Li Gang because he could not enter politics, and his family had to live overseas because of Li Gun. Fu Rongjun refuted her with the civilian background of the prime minister.

Li Gong came to Fu Rongjun and said that he was his cousin, but because of his own reasons he had to be separated from his family, would he hate himself? Then he said that he liked Fu Rongjun very much, so he lied to him differently. Then Li Gong took an envelope to him and said it was a problem that he could not solve. Fu Rongjun opened it to see Li Lin’s autopsy report.

His mother happened to be back when the house was cleaned at home. He guessed she went to the casino as soon as he guessed, so he forced her to say the address, and then took Zhang Mi, and also called the police, including his mother. Everyone caught.

Zheng Taiyi received a call from Jing Lan and hurried over. Jing Lan said that Li’s money was not a flyer, but a real note. Zheng Tai Yi was surprised. When Cao Ying came to Li Gong, time suddenly stopped and then resumed. Cao Ying asked Li Gun where he had been for so long. Li Gun said parallel world, but Cao Ying thought he was crazy.

Zheng Taiyi’s ID photo was lost, and when I went to make it up, I remembered that Li Gong said that her ID photo was found on November 11, 2019. She asked the staff and someone told her that it would be sent to her at the end of October. Li Gun was seen by Cao Ying in the study. When he listened to the report, thunder thundered. Li Gun’s back started to hurt again, and then let Cao Ying see it. Cao Ying anxiously went to see a doctor, taking advantage of this Time, Li Gang ran away.

Zheng Taiyi got the document, because there was a delay there, so it was a long time late. Zheng Taiyi looked at the date above, and it was really the day Li Gong said. At this time, Li Gong called. Zheng Taiyi went back to Li Gong and asked him for the detailed information on the ID photo. Li Gang said that they were all right. Then Li Gang said that if Zheng Taiyi did not believe him, he went to his world with him. Zheng Taiyi agreed, so Li Gun took her to the Korean Empire.

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