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The Pleasure of Warrior

Honey love: deep love
Other name: The Pleasure of Warrior
Genre: novel, romance
Author: Fish song
Chapter: 1112
Year: 20XX

“Will you marry me? Right now.”
“But I’m poor, I’m still young, I’m still in school.”
“It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s you.”
One is a ridiculously bad girl who fights and skips classes without learning.
One is the young and powerful young who are upright and upright, upright, courageous and powerful.
Who can think that such Gu Chengxiao even favored such Lin Qian into heaven and earth.
“Master, young grandma fights again.”
“Don’t hurry to help, don’t let her hurt her hand.”
“Master, young grandma will go to the house again to uncover tiles.”
“Hurry up and support her ladder.”
Ask if this mountain is the highest in the world, and one mountain is higher than the other. This is a serious romance story of tame and tame.


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