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Pour Xu Jiangshan

Pour Xu Jiangshan
Other Name: Pour Xu Jiangshan, 倾许江山

Genre: novel
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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By chance, your mother passed away. You and your sister were mistaken for the dancers, and they were taken all the way to Chang’an. Through a win-win deal, you risked the crime of deceiving the king to enter the palace and become a family member. Yiwu devotes himself to the emperor’s heart, admiring his clothes and favoring him, hoping to become the emperor’s cinnabar from now on.

In order to move forward, you do not hesitate to abandon your former lover, and you do not hesitate to deceive the palace guards who have sacrificed their lives to protect each other… It seems that you have been affectionate for many years, but how true and calculating?
When the country has a panoramic view, can there be people standing with tall buildings?
There is love, hatred, sorrow, and joy along this road, but there is no regret in a lifetime.

This is the story of a black-bellied female protagonist who has passed all the way to the pinnacle of her life. Entering the palace with ambitions, facing the battle in the harem, you are careful and careful; facing the man who loves you, you make plans and gradually ascend to the high position. When the vortex of power and status is getting deeper and deeper, are you willing to hold the last point of your heart? Or are you willing to be swallowed up by ambition and live your life only for yourself? Ascend to the back seat, the mother yi world? The pinnacle of power, supreme? The evil concubine, seeking to usurp the throne?
“As long as I fancy it, I can definitely get it by my own means.”

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