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Kind gold

Kind gold
Other Name: 亲切的金子

Genre: novel
Author: Park Chan-wook
Year: 2013
Chapter: N/A
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In the early morning, the layers of dark clouds in the sky seemed to herald the coming of a blizzard. The blade-sharp wind howled through the iron windows of the side door of the women’s prison that had just been built. There is a copper plaque of “Qingzhou Women’s Prison” hung on the cement pillars of the side entrance. Next to the plaque is a Christmas tree covered with yellow cotton, which looks extremely shabby, as if trying to prove that this place is also inhabited.

Unlike previous mornings, many people stood outside the side entrance of the women’s prison. Some stomped their frozen feet, some rubbed the cold

They have red ears and hold plastic pockets with tofu or eggs in their hands.

Among these people, the seven chant members dressed as Santa Claus are very eye-catching. They seem to have come to play “A Christmas Carol”, with accordions, cymbals, trombones, drums, etc. in their hands.

The chant team members were called out early in the morning. The 30-year-old potbelly missionary who came by the minibus bought seven cups of hot coffee from the vending machine and put them on the chant book, and divided them carefully. To the players.

“I heard it was a living angel?”

A chant member took coffee while yawning and asked the missionary.

“I heard that the people inside call her’kind gold’.”

“I heard that she is not only kind-hearted, but also looks like an angel?”

“Look at it in a while and you’ll know.”

“How could such a woman…”

It seemed that it shouldn’t be right, and the chant members were discussing each one in a puzzled manner.

The pregnant missionary stared anxiously at the front entrance of the prison, then took out his cell phone to check the time. It happened to be past five o’clock in the morning. The missionary seemed to be complaining about how time passed so slowly, and then looked around the team members and smiled awkwardly.

Unlike the missionaries, the chant players seemed a little impatient. On Christmas Eve, I was called to the prison gate early in the morning to be frozen, waiting for prisoners who didn’t even know their names. Who could be happy? Although she is full of curiosity about this kind-hearted and beautiful woman who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for 13 years, who wants to give up the romance of the beautiful Christmas Eve for this boring curiosity?

Snow began to float in the sky. At this time, the chant players who had been silent showed excited smiles.

“It’s been a long time since it snowed on Christmas!”

Crunch, bang!

As people looked up at the sky, the sound of the iron door opening came from inside the prison. The pregnant missionary smiled and signaled the assembly to the chant members. The chant members hurriedly threw the rest of the coffee on the road and stood in a row.

“Hey, get ready!”

The missionary standing in front of the chant players raised his hands abruptly while looking at the door. Like a military band welcoming the state guests off the plane, the faces of the chant players showed nervous and serious expressions.

Like the female workers off work in the factory, many women swarmed out of the prison along the asphalt road. They are all prisoners released after receiving a Christmas pardon. Everyone holds only a simple luggage bag in his hand. Some are swollen paper pockets, and some are basket-like cloth pockets made by hand in prison.


The Big Belly missionary waved his hands in mid-air forcefully, and the chant players began to perform.

There are many obstacles and pitfalls in the way I am going. I can’t cross the cowardly. Whose help do I need? It is the call of the Lord to let me overcome obstacles. Let me be the Lord’s brothers and feet to overcome the trap…

Loud chants resounded across the sky. Some people hugged their parents with tears in their tears. Some people rushed out of the side door because they didn’t come to meet their relatives or were too late to inform the parole. Some people stuffed their mouths to get their daughters to eat more The old lady of tofu, and the middle-aged woman who smashed a plate of eggs fiercely to look like a long-term prisoner… The rare scene in front of the Qingzhou Women’s Prison is like a graduation ceremony held in a school.

Li Jinzi, who the big-bellied missionary was looking forward to, finally walked out alone with his neck shrinking. She wore the waterdrop pattern dress that was once popular among young girls in the summer thirteen years ago. Under the short dress that swayed back and forth in the severe winter wind, marble-sculpted thighs were exposed underneath, which was too pale and looked a little blue.

Seeing the people gathered in front of the door, Jin Jin hesitated and stopped. She took out a pair of black sunglasses from her pocket, blew the dust on it, put it on her face, and started walking again.

The missionary found Li Jinjin with a bright smile on his face, and he waved his hands more forcefully and quickly. The singing rhythm of the chant members also picked up.

After hurriedly ending the performance, the missionary ran to the gold that was shuttled in the crowd and handed over a piece of tofu.

“Merry Christmas!”

Only then did Jin Jin recognize the missionary and stopped.

“Oh, what kind of clothes are these? The winter clothes that I sent in the past… haven’t you received them?”

The missionary looked at the gold up and down, and stretched out his tongue.

“Hey, clothes!”

The pregnant missionary put down the tofu in his hand and waved to the chant members. The chant members looked at each other, one of them ran over and took off his Santa Claus coat and put it on the gold shoulders. She pushed it away with her hand.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Seeing Jin’s behavior, the missionary gave the tofu to her with a kind smile.

“Hurry up and eat it. This means a life as white as tofu. Never commit any crimes in the future.”

This sentence was very ear-piercing to Jin Jin. She glared at the pot-bellied missionary and “slapped” the piece of tofu with a raised hand. The tofu fell on the asphalt road and smashed to pieces. Seeing this scene, one of the chant members let go of the accordion in fright, and fell to the ground with a “bang”. People’s eyes were focused on the ground, and then turned to Jin and the missionary.

“You should take care of yourself!”

After saying this word by word to the missionary, Jin Jin walked down the road. The hem of the dress fluttered in the wind. The big-belly missionary looked too surprised. He couldn’t close his mouth for a long time, staring at Jin Jin’s back blankly, shaking his head and muttering to himself.

“It has changed, it has become too much…”

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