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Super Soldier

Super Soldier (Novel)
Other Name: 超级兵王

Genre: novel
Author: Bu Qianfan
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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He is the king of the mercenary world, and he is the king of soldiers who make heads of state headaches! For a friend, he is willing to stab at both sides; for a family member, he does not hesitate to spatter five steps! It’s a dragon, and it will finally soar above the nine heavens, carrying the momentum of the wind and clouds, singing and advancing all the way, mixed wind and water rise. The new book “Spiritual Doctor” upload, continue to support, click, flowers, the same can not be less! Follow the WeChat public account, search directly for “Buqianfan” or search for “Buqianfan’s support group” or “buqianfan520” to add attention!

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