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Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams
Other Name: Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

Genre: fiction
ExcuseMe Legend aka Doughboy Wee
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Jamal, the neighborhood drug dealer, took 28 grams of dog food and built himself an EMPIRE! He hoped to never look back… Sounds like a plan, but that plan comes to an abrupt halt when the FEDS show up at his doorstep. The FEDS came to him bringing up troubling events from Jamal’s past…Murders and drug deals look even worse when caught on tape!But, that’s not the only problem Jamal is facing.For Jamal, death always seems to be parked right around the corner. He tries his best to stay a step ahead. Twists and turns make it hard for Jamal to stay focused, so hard that the FEDS and their tapes become the least of Jamal’s problems!

I got a text message on my hitter at 5:00 in the morning. In all caps its read GET YO ASS OUT HERE BEFORE I STOMP A MUD HOLE IN YO ASS. I wiped the cold out my eyes,threw my white buffs on,and grabbed the twin glock 19’s resting on the nightstand.I looked over at my boo Tiara laying beside me and slowly rolled out the bed.She was a light sleeper and I didn’t want to awake her.It would had been all types of hell.Cussing.Fussing.And probably fighting if she was having a good dream.And 9-times-of-ten she was.It was pitch-black outside when I got out there.I founded light from a cordial tone.I
walked towards the voice and there a man stood or shall I say leaning on his car in my driveway.I knew him and he knew me.The look on his face told me something wasn’t right.His opening statement came off so foul.He talked about how he had a couple bodies on me and how he was coming back later on in the day to serve me indictment papers.

He gave me a heads-up the indictment would have drug charges attached with the bodies also.The guy was a undercover federal agent I had comings and goings with in the pass.Don’t get it twisted I ain’t no snitch.I just know the nigga from coming and passing like I said.

“DAWG….You come over my house in the middle of the night to tell me this?How the fuck you get my number?And how the fuck you know where I live?”I asked click-clanking the two glocks muzzles together.Dawg was a federal so I wasn’t gone shoot.I just wanted to scare him a bit.He
proceeded to tell me don’t worry how he got my number and address.He told me to hand over my guns and I did.That was some stupid ass shit but I did it.Afterwards he whipped out a cell phone and showed me a video off that bitch.Sure ass shit it was me standing over a nigga pumping led in his ass.It was a nigga name J-Rock I killed six-or-seven-months away.Dawg had
owed me some papers so I had to body his ass.The video fucked me up.So much so that I asked”That shit happened a minute back and you just now coming down on me about this shit?”I asked scratching my head and my neck.

The agent answered”I’m in the business of capturing not catching.There’s more”He warned with a wink.He then showed more videos of me doing dirt in the streets.Selling bricks here and there.And making a few sucka niggas bleed here and there.

“So you got all this.What’s in it for you.Why you come tell me the day before that my life is about to come to a end.What?Why?What’s in it for you?”I pouted.I ain’t gone lie I got mad ass hell.I’m was more confused then anything and I just wanted to know what the fuck he really wanted.After getting down to the nitty gritty the penny loafer straight up told me”Jamal…There is nothing in it for me.I really was hoping it wasn’t you in these videos” “What?”

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