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Mengbao Doubles, President Daddy Please Accept the Recruitment

Mengbao Doubles, President Daddy Please Accept the Recruitment (Novel)
Other Name: 萌宝成双,总裁爹地请接招

Genre: novel, romantic
Author: Yan Yan
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Mu Qian, Yun Zhi, Mu Jin, and Mu Yinyin. The story of the novel mainly tells He is a powerful and powerful nobleman in the business world of Yuncheng; she is a mediocre, low-profile daughter. In a deal, she was put on his bed by her cold-blooded father, suffered humiliation, and fled with suspended animation. See you again, he appeared at her wedding, domineeringly swears sovereignty: “Woman, you are my Yunzhi’s person in life, and death is my Yunzhi’s ghost, want to escape, next life!” When she put down her grudge, she delivered her sincerity, Only to realize that everything is just the beginning, the fog is lifted, and what awaits her is the realm of immortality…

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Xiao Yinyin stared at Yun Zhi with a brilliant smile, and put a small hand on his forehead, “Daddy, did you forget to take your medicine?”

“No, go, go home with Dad.” He was in a good mood and picked up the little girl, and followed behind some annoyed woman, “Qianqian, do you know the way?”

“Qianqian, our home has not changed, and Zhang’s mother is still there. Zhang’s mother will do whatever you want to eat.”


A certain man said a lot shamelessly, but was ignored by a certain woman, but he still said it happily. This mood is definitely not understandable by ordinary people.

It was like the long-dried earth finally waited for the spring rain, which nourished the heart and rejuvenated it.

“Papa, did my brother and I start gestating there?”


Xiao Yinyin’s words made the whole car drift a little, and finally stopped on the side of the road. The two men looked at her with twitching corners, and said in unison, “Who taught you this?”

“Uncles and aunts on the TV.” Xiao Yinyin smiled innocently, “Don’t dad sleep together than mom? It’s strange, the uncles and aunts on the TV sleep together, and then there will be children. Baby, but not as good as Yinyin.”

“Shut up! Mu Yinyin! How many times have I warned you not to watch those dog-blood TV dramas!” Mu Qian squinted at her dangerously, “Believe it or not, I threw all your newspapers away?”

“Mom is bad! Dad, mom bullied me, Yinyin is so pitiful.” Xiao Yinyin was angry! He threatens people with such means every time! Mother is bad!

“Mu Yinyin, I warn you, it’s useless for you to complain to anyone!”

The smile on the corner of Yun Zhi’s lips has not been put down. It is a pleasure to watch two girls who look so alike and are both so cute, but it seems like something is missing…

It took a long time for him to react and stopped the car again, “Qianqian, have you found that Xiaobao is missing?!”

Mu Qian looked around but really didn’t see it, then looked at her daughter again, “Mu Yinyin, have you seen Mu Xiaobao?”


“Where?” Yun Zhi said worriedly.

“At mom’s wedding, it won’t be there after that.” Yinyin yawned delicately, “Daddy, go home quickly, Yinyin is sleepy and wants to sleep.”

“No, let’s go to Xiaobao, I will call the police now.”

“No need.” Two beauties, one big and one small, said at the same time, “Xiaobao, brother will be fine. It is good for him not to traffic others.”

Yun Zhi looked at the two of them dumbfounded, is it okay to be so relieved?

In the end, he still couldn’t be so relieved. He called and asked people to look for him. When he heard the servant’s response that the young master was at home, he hung up the phone in astonishment.

Muqian and Nunnan are both the same, now they believe it.

When she arrived at Yunjia Mountain Villa, Mu Qian hesitated, but a certain man didn’t give her this opportunity at all, and drove in directly, stopping at the door of the main building. The strange thing was that there were not many people waiting for them.

“Welcome to go home, sir, madam, and little lady.”

Mu Qian looked awkwardly at the housekeeper Zhao Shu, who was exactly the same as five years ago, and then glanced at this familiar building. There were really too many good and unpleasant memories inside.

“Where is the young master?” Yun Zhi glanced around and said coldly without seeing his son.

“It must have been hiding somewhere to eat.” Mu Yinyin took a small cake and ate with relish.

Mu Qian’s eyes straightened up, “Mu Yinyin, where did you get the cake?”

The little guy covered his ears, ooh, Mommy was really too violent, shouted at her so many times, and said that a woman is gentle before someone loves it. Why did Mommy become a female man after seeing Dadbi? ? !

“Mu, Yin, Yin!”

“That sister gave it to me.” She hurriedly pointed a finger at a maid inside, and the maid hurried forward to apologize.

“No, it’s okay, you don’t need to apologize, I just don’t know how she got it.” Mu Qian waved her hand quickly, his daughter, he knew very well, as long as she sells cute foods that can be full, she is really worried. People thrown outside.

Uncle Zhang looked at Mu Qian who was the same as before, with kindness in his eyes, “Madam and the little lady have worked hard along the way? Let’s go in and take a rest. Zhang Ma prepared a lot of things that the lady likes to eat.”

Mu Qian’s face flushed suddenly, and she did not refuse, and walked in with them.

Leave Yun Zhi alone in the chaos in the wind, this is his home? ! Why does his master look like an outsider now? But watching Mu Qian can walk in is already very happy.

Restricted to smile, he once again recovered the cold-blooded Yun Family Ninth Master, “Where is the young master?”

“Young Master is in the pond behind, and Miss Bai is also here.” Shao Yuan, who has been following Yun Zhi, was a little helpless, “Well, Young Master is a bit naughty, so…”

As a result, before he finished speaking, Yun Zhi ran over quickly, as if his heart was caught by something.

Pond water and Bai Ning are dangerous things for Xiaobao! How can we keep them together? !

But when he came to the backyard, he was completely speechless.

His baby boy is sitting on a stool, with a pile of snacks in front of him, and someone helping to fan a fan next to him, that little mouth, the elder sister on the left, you are so beautiful, and the other elder sister, you are so amazing, so everyone can be convinced. of.

Starting to pick up girls at such an age, there really is the true story of their Yun family…

“Little treasure, what are you doing here!?”

“Daddy? You’re back, where’s my mommy, you won’t let her run away?” Xiao Bao just raised his eyelid and glanced at him, then continued to lower his head to eat his own.

“Your mom is in the front, what are you doing here? It’s really dangerous, go back with me.” Yun Zhi didn’t pay attention to what he thought of his son and how handsome he was.

“That, sir, it’s better to take a look at the lake first.” Shao Yuan followed and wiped his cold sweat.

At this time, Yun Zhi looked sideways at the lake. There was a figure in it who was struggling, but every time she struggled, she would be knocked down… If she was right, that person was Bai Ning…

“what happened?”

“She just wanted to push me in.” Xiaobao said calmly, “so I let her go down and try the water depth first, do you have any comments?”

The cold little Treasure was exactly the same as Yun Zhi, his eyes lowered with deep meaning that could see through everything.

When Bai Ning wanted to push Xiaobao down, all Yun Zhi’s heart was gone, “Then let her stay inside, let her breathe for a few minutes every three minutes, and pick it up after an hour. “

Shao Yuan was stunned…This is the same as the little young master just said. Forty minutes have passed since one hour of the young master, and Bai Ning, who could have come up in 20 minutes, was delayed again. Forty minutes… It’s so pathetic.

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