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Jiaojiao (Rebirth)

Jiaojiao (Rebirth) (Novel)
Other Name: 娇娇(重生)

Genre: novel, ancient, romance
Author: N/A
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The Yan family’s beautiful girl, beautifully charming, dominated the harem,
once the country was broken, fell to the dust, was forcibly occupied by the new emperor, and was humiliated.

After a glass of poisonous wine and enmity, she opened her eyes again and she was sixteen years old.
Once my enemies sang yours one by one, I appeared on the stage, and my
eyes flowed wildly, and I laughed and said nothing : the previous life’s accounts were counted together.
Unexpectedly, the one who was poisoned by her was also reborn.
Husse:! ! ! Pill T﹏T in

order to survive, Se Se had to play herself in the previous life.
However, often walking by the river, is it possible to not wet your shoes?
The truth
came out , the man squeezed her chin severely, his eyes were cold: Dare to lie to me, huh?
Bong you into the palm, addicted to the bones.

Because of love and hate, the darkening boss VS is beautiful and moving. Jiao Jiao, overhead, double sweet and sweet, 1V1, he.

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