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Kingdom Season 2 (2020) 킹덤2

Kingdom: Season 2 (2020)
Also known as: 킹덤 시즌 2 / Kingdeom sijeun2 / Kingdeom Seuszen 2 / Kingdom 2 / Kingdom Season 2 / 킹덤 2

Genres: Drama, Action, Suspense, Thriller, Historical, Horror, Drama, Zombies
China Mainland
Kim Sung Hoon, Park In Je
Kim Eun Hee
Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
Release Date:
Mar 13, 2020
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  • Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Chang
  • Ryu Seung Ryong as Jo Hak Joo
  • Bae Doo Na as Seo Bi
  • Kim Sung Gyu as Young Shin
  • Kim Sang Ho as Moo Young [Royal guard]
  • Jun Suk Ho as Jo Bum Pal [Dongn

In an attempt to save the people during a plague, the crown prince Lee Chang returns to the palace to find the source of the disease and uncovers other secrets and plots within the palace.

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