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You Bandit

You Bandit (Novel)
Other Name: You Fei / There are Bandits

Genre: novel
Author: priest
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The mainly tells the story of the protagonist wandering through the rivers and lakes and fighting the sword. In the post-Zhao Yongping period, Cao Zhongkun, the traitor of the Northern Capital, sought to usurp the throne, and Southern Dao Li Zheng “has an order as a bandit.”

Twenty years later, in the spring of the seventeenth year of Jianyuan, Xie Yun, a young man who did not know his origin, was entrusted by the Southern Dynasty Prime Minister Liang Shao to bring Anping Order to the Forty-Eight Village in Shuzhong, and asked Mr. Gantang Zhou Cun (Zhou Yitang) to come out. Three years later, Zhou Fei, the third-generation descendant of Snow breaker, was ordered down the mountain and was involved in a dispute between the rivers, lakes and temples. The TV series “You Fei” is based on Priest’s novel “There are Bandits”. It tells the legendary story of Zhou Fei’s growing up and swordsmanship.

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