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Shock Wave 2

Shock Wave 2
Also known as: 拆弹专家2

Genre: Action, Crime
China, Hong Kong
Herman Yau
Herman Yau Li Min
Release Date:
July 30, 2020
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  • Andy Lau
  • Liu Qingyun
  • Ni Ni
  • Xie Junhao
  • Jiang Haowen
  • Ma Yuke


The serial bombings in Hong Kong have disturbed the whole city. Former bomber expert Pan Chengfeng (Andy Lau) was stunned at the scene of the crime and was listed as the number one suspect by the police. He is suspected of having close links with the evil organization “Resurrection Society”. After waking up, Pan Chengfeng, facing pressure from police interrogation and prison, decided to escape and find out the truth himself.

On the isolated road of helplessness, Pan Chengfeng asked his comrade-in-arms bomber expert Dong Zhuowen (Liu Qingyun) for assistance, but because the two were caught in a conflict between black and white, Dong Zhuowen had to choose between public and private; based on the friendship between birth and death He decided to lend a helping hand to his best friend.

At the same time, Pan Chengfeng’s ex-girlfriend Pang Ling (Ni Ni), now the chief inspector of the counter-terrorism special forces, is anxious to detect the behind-the-scenes of the serial bombing to ensure the safety of the public. Learn about this mysterious organization’s next terrorist attack to prove his innocence. However, what made Pan Chengfeng most unexpected was that revealing the truth was as dangerous and arduous as demolition of a bomb, and he was killed at any time in the race against time.

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