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A Quiet Place sequel will tell the story from a different perspective than the first

A Quiet Place became the surprise movie of last year. With positive reviews and a gross worldwide gross of $340 million from a budget of only $17 million, of course, the camp didn’t hesitate to approve a sequel . Bringing the first movie and the first time as a director has come out to talk about the excitement of making this sequel movie.

“The idea is pretty simple. that I am writing now I didn’t make it perfect. But it’s the will that arose from me. Which is exciting if it’s a sequel about the return of a hero or a villain. You bring back characters that audiences love. You must create a new world encapsulating them. We have the opposite setup. we have this world A world where you can drop whoever you want into and everyone feels connected to it.”

“The reason I decided to come back After all, this is a world full of so many things. And it’s fun to explore, there’s a lot to see. Everyone in the world is going to experience this. So I would like to see that from a different perspective.”

In addition to narrating survival on a noiseless world, A Quiet Place tells the touching story of families protecting each other. It was thanks to the performances of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt that gave us a name for what was happening in the film. never intended to continue doing anything but is undeniably in the whirlpool of the world he created

“To be honest, I never wanted to make a sequel. There is nothing left behind in the sequel. As we know and as the studio knows But I’m the one who holds the truth. I know when you succeed Everyone would want to make another movie. I told them to find another filmmaker and writer. then they said ‘But you don’t have any other ideas?’ I replied. ‘Yes, I have a small idea,’ and they said, ‘Okay, while we’re talking to other people, we’re going to have some ideas.’ You just keep thinking about it for a while.”

“They played a nervous war on me. So I want to write a script for this sequel.”

An untitled sequel to A Quiet Place. It is scheduled for release in the US May 15, 2020.

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