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A Storm of Wind and Cloud

A Storm of Wind and Cloud
Other Title: 凭栏一片风云起 / Ping Lan Yi Pian Feng Yun Qi

Genres: drama, Period, war, romance
Mai Ling
Release Date: 
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  • Meng Haitang

In 1937 Pingjin fell. In order to preserve the cultural heritage, several universities in the north decided to move south to Changsha. Soon after, war broke out in Changsha. Meng Haitang, who was a lecturer at the National Peking University School of Medicine, escorted young students to Chongqing. During the escort, Meng Haitang, Kang Lanshang, Zhang Qi and other exiled teams from Southwest Associated University established the school in exile, and continued to sing songs all the way. Haitang and Zhang Qi fell in love with each other in the friction, and they supported each other, and then developed the medical school under Peking University in Chongqing.

Soon, Haitang was dismissed from school for some reason. Haitang and Zhang Qixi entered Kunming, married under the witness of Ling Kang and his wife, and re-developed the medical school in Mengzi. The Myanmar-Burma battle was tight, Haitang and Zhang Qi led some students to the battlefield to establish a battlefield hospital. During the Battle of Pinggu, Zhang Qi was captured by the Japanese army and his whereabouts have been unknown since then. Begonia, who was pregnant at that time, had a miscarriage for the only blood of the Zeng family. In 1949, Haitang and Lan Shan refused the invitation to cross to Taiwan and stayed in the new China. Haitang continued to engage in education, while Kang Lanshan inherited his husband’s ambitions and engaged in history research…

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