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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 1 Recap

The play tells that Kim Tae-hee plays the heroine “Che Yeli”. She died due to an accident and was supposed to undergo a 49-day rebirth trial in heaven. However, for some reason, she was able to be tried in the world. Story of husband and daughter. It is expected to receive the file of “The Fall of Love”, which will be broadcast in February.

We are open until 2006, when our protagonist will be twenty-four. Our hero, medical student JO KANG-HWA (Lee Kyu-hyung), complained because his friend dragged him to a blind date. They arrived at the sports bar and watched a large football match on TV, and our heroine CHA YURI (Kim Tae-hee) scolded her friends for tricking her into this date.

Then Jiang Hua and Yuri locked their eyes. There was a score in the game and the crowd around them (including their friends) went crazy-a similar reaction was said to have occurred in the couple’s heart. As they smiled shyly at each other, Yuri recounted, “It only took us three seconds to meet each other and fall in love.”

This got us into a lovely dating montage that showed Jiang Hua and Yuri kissing on campus, celebrating the 100th anniversary, and sometimes fighting and putting on makeup. Four years later, when they were 28, they returned to the gym to start another game. Just as the room erupted from a successful goal, Yuri suggested they get married.

Our couples will not look happier on the wedding day and even express love to each other during the wedding ceremony. (It’s really creepy, but it’s so sweet.) Yuri’s narrative goes on to say that they believe in their time together and that it will be indestructible. The current time to fast forward to the TV show is 2019, when they were 37 years old. We saw the couple’s five-year-old daughter, JO SEO-WOO (Seo Woo-jin), staring at the wet power cord. Yuri noticed this and tried to pierce before Seo-woo was inserted, but her hand happened to pass through the wire.

The other hand reached out to stop Xu Yuyu. Yuri looked up at OH MIN-JUNG. She did not recognize Yuri because she picked up Xu Yuyu and took her out. Yuri breathed a sigh of relief. Behind her, we saw Xu Yukanghua’s family portrait … and Zheng Minrong, where Yuri should be. When Min Zhen took Xu Yu to the school bus, Ghost Yuri stood up, Min scolded her to let the water stay on the floor. Min Zhen waved her hand as if she felt a worm flying around, and then passed through Yuri. For a second, Yuri wondered if Min Rong had seen her, but just laughed at her sour attitude. As another ghost passed by, Yuri recounted: “Actually, even if [human] cannot see them, there are many people in this world living together.”

Yuri catches up with Seo-woo and shows his full strength and no response. Still, when Xu Yuyu left her bus, she waved goodbye enthusiastically. Min Rong also turned to leave, but other moms nearby stopped her and asked her to go out for coffee. Minzhen said calmly that she did not like group gatherings and moved on. Mom whispered that she worked hard because she was not Xu Yu’s real mother, which made Yuri smirk. But when they mentioned that Xu Yu was a particularly strange child, her smile dropped.

“Hey, mom!” The voice called. It’s Yu Hir’s college friend GO HYUN-JUNG (Shin Dong-mi), who doesn’t like them talking to other families. Xianzhen returned to her restaurant, and Yuri later had a unilateral conversation with the girl and expressed concern about what the woman said.

At the hospital, we reunited with our current cardiothoracic surgeon, Jiang Hua. It seemed that Jiang Ganghua was still a squirrel. He heard that his boss was angry and was looking for him, and he fled. He went straight to his college friend GYE Gemsang (oh, Zheng Yizhi) and is now neuropsychiatric.

Kang-hwa dispatched a patient (and a famous baseball player) named KANG SANG-BONG to Geun-sang. Jiang Hehua asked his partner for a doctor’s note, saying that their superior, Doctor Zhang, was moving, and Jiansang wanted to know why he didn’t just get treatment.

The door opened suddenly, and the two saw Dr. Zhang (Annasan). Jang resolutely pursued and ordered Kang-hwa to stop visiting the clinic and avoid surgery. The boys tried to talk about their way in this way, reading out Jianghua’s tremor, insomnia and possible symptoms of bipolar disorder. But Dr. Zhang shouted that when his best friend sadly wrote Kanghua’s doctor’s record, he did not accept it. Haha.

On the way out, Jiang Huahua saw the sign of the operating room, and his face looked so dark. But once he got on the car, he would sing a song of joy and optimism. Xuanzheng saw him when he crossed the road and shook his head, thinking he was crazy. Jiang Huahua returned home, and strangely, Zheng Minzong did not raise a power cord accident. This annoys Yuri, but she just sits on the couch with her daughter and sings with the children’s performances. From a distance, we see a shadowy figure-no doubt another ghost-looking at her.

At dinner, Yuri ate with his family and smiled at the memories of eating with Jiang Huahua during pregnancy. However, Jiang Huahua scolded Xu Yu for breaking his mind because he had sprinkled food. Huri was too harsh and decided to go overnight.

At the same time, it was reported that baseball player Sambang committed suicide. His ashes remained in the ashes bar, and his soul cried. He was startled when he looked up and saw several other ghosts surrounding him. They wanted to know who the newbie was, and screamed happily when they learned he was a famous figure. Before we knew it, the team was calling all the ghosts out of their ashes and chasing Sambon in the room. The meeting was interrupted when the door was open and someone was hanging around. She just slipped on the mop floor and landed on her butt. When the cranky wizard MIDONGDAEK (Yoon Sa-bong) stood up again, the ghost laughed. They asked her if a flight attendant named Mr. Cui was able to do this after saying goodbye to her family.

The sad Mr. Cui walked around the corner, revealing that he appeared in front of his family like a butterfly, and they unknowingly killed him. He walked away, Midongdaek yelled, and she went through all the troubles and reported his departure for no reason. She said, “I know you are ghosts, but keep your promise!”

As Midongdaek continued to growl, Yuri sneaked in, trying to run for her ashes. But Midongdaek was clearly accustomed to this and immediately put her in trouble. Midongdaek reminded her and everyone else that because they didn’t accept reincarnation, people had fewer lives when there were ghosts all over the street.

Yuri said that when many of them worry about their remaining family, they cannot leave. Midongdaeks pointed out that Yuri’s family is doing well and she only wants to be with her daughter. “What, I can’t do that?” Yuri said. She stuck out her tongue and disappeared into her. Midongdaek started yelling, and she shouldn’t continue doing this, but her face softened as she looked at the. She temporarily gave up, knowing how wronged all the ghosts must be.

The next day, Yuri was particularly excited because it was the anniversary of her death-which meant she had a lot of food to worship, haha. When she traveled to a family still in grief, we asked Jiang Huahua to look at the calendar and take a deep breath. According to the calendar, this is also Xu Yu’s birthday.

In the temple, we introduced Yuri’s mother (Kim Mi-kyo), father (Park Shou-yin) and sister CHA YEON-JI (Kim Mi-a). Looking at Yuri’s picture, Dad started crying, and Mom said coldly that their daughter didn’t deserve his tears when he died in front of them. Yuri followed Mom into the bathroom and told her not to be so mean to Dad. She stopped when she realized that her mother was about to leave the sink and sobbed in private. Seeing her mother like this, she couldn’t help crying.

After the family left, Yan Zhi told her mother to give Kanghua a break at least on the anniversary of Yuri’s death. But mother s said, “He is no longer our family. He lives a good life now.” Going back to Jiang Huahua, his work seems really happy. Almost too happy. Yuri hurried back to see Seo-woo getting off the school bus, but before she came over, Midongdaek sent Yuri to the tree with a ringing bell. The ladies had a quarrel, but it seemed to everyone around Midongdaek not to scream.

Midongdaek noticed Min-jung and Seo-woo gazing at them, approached them and warned them that the demon had locked in their family. Yuri now got rid of the tree and caught up with Midundak.

Xiao Xuyu grinned and put on Midongdaek’s coat silently. When Midongdaek looked down at her, she saw something that worried her. Min Zhen took Xu Yuyu and dragged Yuri away, while Midong Snow was frozen in place. That night, Jiang Huahua made up an excuse to stay in the hospital instead of going home. At home, as it was getting late, Min-jung suggested Seo-woo that they would eat cake without a father, but Seo-woo would rather wait.

Unfortunately, Jiang Hua did not lie in bed until 2 am. He walked into her room and sat on the bed, stroking her cheek. Yuri, by her bed all night, looked sadly.

In the morning, Yuri woke up with another feeling. She hurriedly left the room (called Xu Yuyu to wake up?) And faced the ghost wandering in the apartment. Obviously, she had dealt with this man before, because his spirit was closely related to this land. She ordered him to leave the apartment because he might be consuming his daughter’s energy. To that end, he countered that she was doing the same thing: “Do you think you are human? You are a bigger problem than me!”

The ghost showed a sly smile, telling her that it was too late anyway-Xu Yuyu could see them. The ghost rushed out, and Yuri was frightened, mumbling that it wasn’t true. But then Xu Yuyu came out of her room … and walked around the mother to the sofa. If that was not enough, Xu Yuyu looked directly at her and fell to the ground in shock. Yuri went straight to Midongdaek to tell her the news, but she already knew it. Yuri blamed herself because she had been by Seo-woo since she was a child. Although Midongdaek hated to say that, she did warn her not to leave. She explained that because Xu Yuyu was still young, she couldn’t tell the difference between life and death. While they were speaking, Xu Yuyu was going to school and unknowingly followed a ghost child out of the classroom.

As the days passed, Xu Yuyu’s teacher finally realized that she was disappearing just like when Yuri arrived. The teachers searched the campus like Yuri (walking through the wall and bumping his head in the classroom), but Seo-woo was out of sight. Fortunately, Yuri felt the ghost child as he ran out of the kitchen. She walked into the room and found Xu Yuyu lying unconscious in the refrigerator. Oh no.

Yuri tried to grab Seo-woo, her hands stretched out, and she desperately called for help, no one heard her voice. Sobbing now, she screamed Xu Yuyu’s name, awakened her to just twitch her feet and pushed open the refrigerator door. A teacher noticed this and ran to rescue her, sending her into the ambulance they had called before. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Jiang Hua and Min Zhen arrived, and Jiang Hua took her little hand.

Yuri shed tears and said, “Sorry. It’s my fault.”

We recalled Yuri’s conversation with Midongdaek. She once wept that she would leave as planned, or even go to hell. Even if this meant that Xu Yuyu was back to normal life, Midongdaek said sadly that this could not guarantee anything.

Yuri whispered that she just wanted to see Xu Yuyu go. However, after watching Xu Yuyu’s steps, Yuri wanted to watch her talk and then ran for dinner. So she stayed and walked every step. Hearing this news, Midongdaek burst into tears, but remained silent. Yuri walked out of the hospital, into the busy street, and sadly saw so many people going out with their loved ones. It began to snow, but when she reached out her hand, even snowflakes passed through her.

Overwhelmed, she fell to the ground and shouted to heaven: “Can’t I just stay and look at her? Am I not allowed to do this? Why can’t I why ?! Who do you think you are ?!” When she cried We saw her return to the memorial where the memorial had its own little storm. The storm came to life in the real world, and snow somehow turned into hail. Everyone was surprised by the storm-while Jiang Hehua and Min Rong drove to Xu Yu’s home, Yuri’s mother looked out the window. Even Midongdaek.

The next day, when Mom and Dad left the grocery store, they saw Xu Minyou and Min Rong together and stopped on their tracks. (Min Zhen apparently didn’t know who they were, and then walked over.) However, the mother pulled herself together and let the father continue. Yuri and Hang-hwa in his car saw this. When they got home, Dad suddenly felt like he couldn’t always be as strong as Mom, and missed his granddaughter. He walked away, and once again, we saw that mother only allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Later, Jiang Hehua and Min Zhen took Xu Yu away in a town full of Christmas. In front, Yuri wept as she watched them become a family. They started passing her, oh my gosh. My gosh, Jiang Huah stared at her. He kept walking, but his eyes kept staring at her, not quite sure what he was looking at. We received a short echo and saw Yuri on the street when she was pregnant and hit by a car on the street. Then Yuri dying at the hospital, while Hang-hwa frosted, hugging her dead body, and wept. Back in the moment, Yuri couldn’t believe what happened, until Snow fell on her shoulder and someone hit her. She is still alive.

That’s the kind of drama, right? The kind of character that made me immediately fall in love with it and then use it immediately. I should know that this is from a returning spouse writer. I don’t want to compare shows too much because it feels like my own business, but I would say that writers have a way to deal with sad situations (the pain of divorce) and make us feel all the pain and sadness. From it, though, still makes us laugh. Here, these ghosts are particularly interesting to me, they hang around the ashes bar like a Jimjilbang. I like their sense of humor, their sense of community, and of course their interaction with the wizard Midongdaek. It almost felt like I was sitting in Midongdaek’s shoes, looking at these ghosts, feeling like they were alive. Just remember … you know, this is not the case.

Back to our main characters Yuri and Jiang Hua, I love watching their mini love stories. We just glimpsed the relationship between them, but I like what I see-Yuri is a lively but caring girlfriend, and Kang-hwa is a lively and cute boyfriend. Just like in “Go Back to Spouse”, I was deeply attracted by the romantic experience, and I was disappointed to take it away so soon. But the set of this TV show is well done. We have Jiang Huahua. Despite his passionate singing, he is obviously still sad. We have Min-jung, who is trying her best to be the second wife and stepmother; we have Yuri’s parents who are working to get their granddaughter back to life. That’s just human stuff. Ghost stuff must be cool, but I appreciate the foundation that lies before us. If it makes sense, the world will feel full.

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