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Gangster and my 365 days

Film critics commented that “The Desire of Imprisonment” is recommended for Netflix’s erotic movies in 2020. It is also translated “365 Days of Gangster and Me”. It is the first erotic movie in Poland and is called the Polish version of “Fifty Shadows of Gray”, adapted from Since the popular novel of the same name, the storyline is about a female marketing director with a red light. On her birthday, she didn’t express her dissatisfaction with her boyfriend. She even ran to other places alone to have fun. He left the scene in anger, but was killed by the mafia boss in a dark alley. Taken away, and asked her to fall in love with herself within 365 days!

Gangster and my 365 days
Also known as: 黑幫大佬和我的365日, Gangster and my 365 days of imprisonment 365 DNI
Genres: Drama, romance
Country: Poland
Director: Barbara Bialowas
Release Date: 2020
Starring: Michael Morone , Anna Maria Sieklucka, Natasha Urbanska , Magdal
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