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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 27 Recap

Crown Prince Zhu Gaochi resolutely opposed Zhu Xi’s troop dispatch, but Zhu Xi said that he did not have a few years and begged Zhu Gaochi to complete him. Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Xi would suffer unexpectedly, and the rivers and mountains would be destroyed overnight. Zhu Xi proposed to send troops to fight for three months, but was ridiculed by Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi convinced Zhu Xi to be old, and he did not want him to leave. Zhu Xi pointed angrily at Zhu Gaochi and scolded him.

Zhu Gaochi realized that he had spoken, and kneeled down for mercy, but still refused to agree, hoping that Zhu Xi could understand one generation’s affairs. At this time , Zhu Xi called Zhu Zhanji and asked him if he should hit Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji just wanted to speak, but was stopped by Zhu Xi in time, allowing him to think again and again. Zhu Zhanji expressed his hope for Zhu Xi to think twice, and did not want his fame to be ruined once. Zhu Xi was very angry and drove the father and son out on the spot.

Zhu Zhanji returned to Prince’s Mansion and told Sun Ruowei that Zhu Qi ordered them to marry in Shuntian. Sun Ruowei said nothing, but Zhu Zhanji was skeptical. Zhu Zhanji heard that Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang walked very close recently, and was happy for her. Later Zhu Zhanji came to visit Hu Shanxiang. After he got married, Zhu Zhanji couldn’t talk to her well. After a couple of greetings, Zhu Zhanji turned his head away, and Hu Shanxiang felt very lost.

In Jiming Temple, Zhu Xi came to Yao Guangxiao to discuss whether to leave for the army. When Yao Guangxiao saw Zhu Xi decided his fate by shaking the lottery, he was destroyed in a rage. Yao Guangxiao scolded Zhu Xi for not knowing the truth and placed his wish in his fate. Yao Guangxiao told Zhu Xiru that if there was a god in the world to bless him, there would be no calamity in the world. Yao Guangxiao persuaded Zhu Xi that Zhu Zhanji did not deliberately please Zhu Xi, and was very sensible. The two were chatting. Zhu Zhanji came to Jiming Temple and told him that the car and horse to Suntian were ready. Zhu Xi told him to see more people’s livelihood along the way.

Zhu Zhanji took Sun Ruowei, Yao Guangxiao and others to start Shunyuan. On the way, Zhu Zhanji was worried that the two of them were bored, and went forward to talk. Sun Ruowei explored why Yao Guangxiao liked walking, Zhu Zhanji felt bored and left early, leaving them to chat.
Late at night, Zhu Zanji came to visit Sun Ruowei with a pot of wine. At this moment, Nie Xing suddenly appeared, while Zhu Zanji was not ready to assassinate him. Fortunately, Zhu Zhanji’s eyes were quick and he fought with Nie Xing. In the fight, Nie Xing pointed at Sun Ruowei with a stab, and Zhu Zhanji was worried that Sun Ruowei was in danger, and he promptly sent support. Nie Xing knew that he was not their opponent and slipped away. After Nie Xing left, Zhu Zhanji instead agreed to let Sun Ruowei go to visit him.

Sun Ruowei came to Nie Xing along the road and told him that he had let go of his hatred. I hope he can do the same. Nie Xing satirized that Sun Ruowei married Zhu Zhanji and married him, so Sun Ruowei told Zhu Zhanji’s place of residence and said that next time Nie Xing wanted to kill Zhu Zanji, he would kill himself first. Nie Xing believes that he is no longer the same person with Sun Ruowei, and decides to part ways with her and no longer meet each other. Before leaving, Nie Xing cut his cheek and vowed that even if Haipu’s documents were released, he would not let Zhu Xi’s family live with him.

On the second day, Yao Guangxiao brought Sun Ruowei to walk on the mountain. Yao Guangxiao handed the dagger to Sun Ruowei and let her wait until she had successfully walked. Then she broke the ropeway; Sun Ruowei smiled and asked Yao Guangxiao not to worry about being chopped off by himself in the middle of the journey. Yao Guangxiao said that if Sun Ruowei really chose this way, then he would end the crime of leaving unaccompanied. Sun Ruowei’s heart froze a bit, but didn’t say much, watching Yao Guangxiao get on the rope and disappear into the crowd. When Sun Ruowei couldn’t see Yao Guangxiao’s figure, he shouted Yao Guangxiao’s name again and again, after he could not hear the reply, he cut the rope. At this moment Zhu Xi was looking up at the rope in the sky, for fear that Yao Guangxiao would be in danger.

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