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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 8 Recap

Sun Ruowei found that Jin Yiwei surrounded them and immediately told the news to Sun Yu . Sun Yu was worried that the entire army would be destroyed , and ordered Sun Ruowei torelease Zhu Zhanji and save her life in danger.

Huang Fuyun came to meet the emperor. The emperor was very angry to see that they had not killed Zhu Zhanji. The emperor ordered Huang Fuyun and others to kill Zhu Zhanji before his wedding, otherwise the crown prince would be more stable in the future, and it would be more difficult to kill Zhu Zhanji. Huang Fuyun and repeatedly asked the emperor, the emperor did not want to listen to his explanation, and ordered them to act as planned. The emperor turned around, and it turned out that the true identity of the emperor turned out to be the second emperor Zhu Gaojiu .

At the command of Sun Yu, Sun Ruowei came to rescue Zhu Zhanji. Xu Bin promised to let the tiger return to the mountain, but he did not want Sun Ruowei to be involved in danger. Sun Ruowei insisted on leaving Zhu Zhanji, and Xu Bin no longer opposed, but supported all actions of Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei plans to take Zhu Zhanji to leave, but Zhu Zhanji said that the people he met were on his way, ready to wait for the emperor here. At this time, the emperor Zhu Gaojiu was on the way back with Huang Fuyunhe, and then someone reported that Zhu Zhanji was not caught by Sun Yu and others, and then Zhu Gaoji realized that Zhu Zhanji had calculated. Zhu Zhanji had just planned to return the same way, but found that he was surrounded by officers and men. Fighting between the two teams, Zhu Gaoyu accidentally found the token of Taine among the soldiers who were killed , and it became clear that Zhu Xi secretly gave Zhu Zhanji’s guards to the soldiers, otherwise he had the confidence to fight with them.

Zhu Zhanji saw the emperor’s delay, and abducted Sun Ruowei back to the palace. He was tied to her, but respectfully asked her to make a carriage and return to Prince’s House as a guest. Sun Ruowei was puzzled by Zhu Zhanji’s move. Zhu Zhanji was too lazy to take care of her and let her obey. Zhu Zhanji said that Zhu Xi wanted to make peace with Jing Nian, and hoped that Sun Ruowei could point out the clear way. Sun Ruowei got angry when he heard it. Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei that if she didn’t cooperate, it would not be as simple as going to jail. She would scare her sons and daughters into the palace as slaves. Marry, point her to an old eunuch. Sun Ruowei angrily stuffed rice on Zhu Zhanji’s face. At this time, the father-in-law of Zhu Rong told Zhu Zanji to go to the palace. Zhu Zhanji remembered Zhu Rong’s claim to have aphrodisiac in Taiyi, and then he knew what was wrong. Zhu Zhanji apologized to Zhu Xi, but Zhu Xi cared about who the woman he brought back and wanted to meet. Zhu Zhanji was afraid that Sun Ruo would be murderous when he saw Zhu Xi slightly, and he declined Zhu Xi’s order gently.

In the seventh year of Yongle, Zheng He returned triumphantly. Zhu Xi gave him a compliment. Zhu Gaoji and Zhu Gaoxi went forward to condolences, but after a brief chat, Zheng He said hello to Zhu Gaochi . Zhu Gaojie was very dissatisfied and found that Zheng He looked down on himself. Zheng He reported to Zhu Xi that he had sent messengers to other countries to see him here. Zhu Xi felt novel about Manchurian Canada. It turned out that Manchurian Canada was the first time to establish a nation. This time the king came with the prince and princess. I saw Zhu Xi and asked to be sealed.

An Guifei heard that Zhu Xi favored Park Gui Fei last nightand immediately came to see her. An Guifei told her that as long as Park Guifei didn’t show up for a month, she might damage a man and a woman, and there would be countless riches and wealth in the future. Park Guifei didn’t care, but was unhappy because the food here was not appetizing. An Guifei calmed Park Guifei’s emotions, saying that as long as Park Guifei wanted to eat, she would be able to send Hu Shangyi.

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