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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 11 Recap

Huang Fuyunhe pleaded guilty to Zhu Gaoyu for Sun Ruowei ‘s affairs . Zhu Gaoyu asked him if he would send someone to assassinate Zhu Xi. Huang Fuyun only admitted that Sun Ruowei was close to Zhu Zhanji , and he did not acknowledge the rest. Zhu Gaoji heard that Zhu Gaoji secretly took Xu Bin , only then did he know that Zhu Zhanji secretly hid Jing Nanren in jail, and it was inevitable that the gang would not know it. Zhu Gaojiao warned Zhu Gaojiu that Zhu Zhanji is helping Jing orphans, and advised Zhu Gaojiu to kill those Jing orphans, so that Zhu Gaoji will not be found out, so as not to cause trouble.

Zhu Zhanji came to the prison and brought Xu Bin to Jiming Temple. Seeing Sun Ruowei who was unconscious, Xu Bin was very worried and decided to take her away. Zhu Zhanji was worried that Zhu Xi would not blame Sun Ruowei for not seeing him, and refused to let them leave. Xu Bin was worried that Sun Ruowei’s injury could not be delayed, and he argued with him. At this time Sun Ruowei suddenly woke up and begged Zhu Zhanji to let them go. Zhu Zhanji told them that it was too late, and Zhu Gaojiao had taken Sun Yu and others away. In order to understand how to save Sun Yu, Xu Bin and Sun Ruowei decided not to leave for the time being.

Zhu Zhanji took Xu Bin to find Zhu Gaoyu’s dignitaries. Zhu Gaoyu pretended not to know, and he did not want to admit that he took Sun Yu and others away. Zhu Zhanji demanded Zhu Xi’s order, but Zhu Gaojiu still refused. Zhu Gaoji threatened Zhu Zhanji. Now Zhu Gaoji is not under the supervision of the country, even if he has a hundred gold medals, it will not help. After Zhu Gaojiao firmly waited for the emperor’s assassination to come to an end, he obediently returned them to Zhu Zhanji. Seeing that the situation in front of him would not return, Xu Bin said something to Zhu Gaojiu. When Zhu Gaoji heard what Xu Bin said, he saw that he was a ruthless character. He worried that Xu Bin would be secretly calculated by Xu Bin in the future, and finally returned Sun Yu to them.

When Zhu Xi heard that Sun Ruowei was awake, he came to visit her. Zhu Xi thanked Sun Ruowei for his life, but Sun Ruowei said that if he died, then the person she cared for would not be better. Zhu Xi casually asked Sun Ruowei’s family situation. Sun Ruowei informed the history of his fugitives. Then Sun Ruowei told a folk rumor, saying that since Master Zhu became the emperor, the folk had been in poverty for ten years. Zhu Xi was somewhat dissatisfied and stopped Sun Ruowei from continuing. Sun Ruowei apologized to Zhu Xi, but Zhu Xi said that he was not angry, just a little dissatisfied.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Zhanji and Xu Bin gathered together. Zhu Zhanji hoped that the Jingnan orphans would smile with gratitude and envy. Zhu Xi felt owed to Jingnan orphans and was willing to relocate the thirty thousand Jingnan orphans to Beijing. They worked for the court. The reason why Zhu Xi treats Jing and his orphan kindly is simply to meet the Emperor Jianwen and resolve the misunderstanding between the two. Zhu Zhanji came outdoors, and Xu Bin followed. Zhu Zhanma asked Xu Bin exactly what he said to Zhu Gaoyu, and why he could easily let Sun Yu and others leave. Sun Yu said that although Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu are very good, Zhu Xi’s only handing over military power to Zhu Gaojiao is to intentionally separate the relationship between the two. Xu Bin guessed that Zhu Gaojiao was not aware of the assassination, and hinted that he should not intentionally get involved in the Jingnan orphan. Zhu Gaojiao had to be obedient. Zhu Zhanji was shocked that there was such a wise man in Jing Nan’s orphanage. He invited Xu Bin to take a test and let him come to Jiming Temple when he was free.

As soon as Zhu Zhanji left his forefoot, Zhu Gaoyu ordered people to surround the three men. Xu Bin realized that something was wrong and immediately hid with Sun Yu and Nie Xing. At this time, the officers and soldiers broke into the door, Jingnan left the orphan to fight with them, Nie Xingzhong arrows, Xu Bin worried about Nie Xing’s injury, so he gave up his sword and surrendered. However, Nie Xing was a little angry, and the officers and soldiers quarreled again, but were injured by a punch.

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