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The Remedy (2019) 漫长的告别 Episode 18 Recap

Lao Xiao’s daughter-in-law saw the two men Wang Jian brought to the ancient house, and felt suspicious, so they followed them quietly to find out. They heard that the two men thought that Wang Jian gave them less money, and the two conspired. After waiting until he found the baby, he closed Wang Jian in a dry well and filled it with water, drowning him inside. Lao Xiao’s daughter-in-law heard that he was about to kill, and rushed to the place where Lao Xiao worked to find him. Lao Xiao did not work in the place where she worked. She quickly asked Lao Xiao’s colleagues to help her. Wang Jian.

Wang Jian brought the tools for climbing to the bottom of the well. The three of them went down to the dry well. Finally, they found the place where the treasure was hidden. When they saw a lot of antiques and treasures hidden in the bottom of the well, Wang Jian ran out and took them. Anti-pass into the bottom of the well. He had begun to become despondent, shouting loudly that these antiquities surnamed king, no one wants to get a share. The daughter-in-law of the Lao Xiao family saw Wang Jian go out from the old house alone, but he never saw two people outside.

Lianzhou hurried back whenreceiving Yin Zhe ‘s phone call and saw that Han Tianlin was waiting at the agreed place. He returned to the old warehouse and saw Han Li was lying on the bed stiffly, thinking of hurting another innocent person. Zhou gave him two punches angrily, and Yin Zhe explained to Lianzhou in pain. Han Li really wasn’t the killer. He suspected that someone had been watching them secretly. When Han Li escaped, he heard that Han Li was calling for help from another person . Lianzhou no longer believed what he said, and pulled Yin Zhe to surrender. There was no way. Yin Zhe stunned Lian Zhou with the stick. Just as he was about to leave, Chen Xue called Lian Zhou. Yin Zhe She moved her heart and answered Lianzhou’s phone. Lianzhou heard that Chen Xue’s daughter Huan Huan was taken away by Wang Jian. He quickly went to Chen Xue to help her find a way.

Han Tianlin confessed to Yin Zhe. In 2006, he was crazy about painting. When he met Yin Lu , she worked in a cafe. Yin Lu’s purity and beauty deeply moved her. He wanted to find Yin Lu as a mannequin. After finding out the money that Yin Lu usually earned from working, he planned to open a job of 8,000 yuan for each of Yin Lu. Yin Lu originally disagreed, but couldn’t help the temptation of high salary. Yin Lu agreed, so Go to the ancient city every Wednesday afternoon to be a mannequin for Han Tianlin. At first Han Tianlin wanted to find a stepmother for his daughter, but Yin Lu refused directly. Han Tianlin dismissed his thoughts and will consider Yin Lu as his good friend in the future.

But one day in 2006 when Yin Lu was a model at his house, suddenly Han Li fell off the swing and broke. Han Tianlin hurriedly took Han Li to the hospital for treatment. After returning to see her doctor, Tian Wen came to Han Tianlin to borrow money. He owed a butt debt and was chased by usury. Han Tianlin didn’t want to lend him any more money. The two came to the house together, but found Yin Lu was lying in a pool of blood. . Han Tianlin was originally impure to find Yin Lu. Now Yin Lu’s death at his house is even more unclear.

Tian Wen suggested helping him to throw the body, on the premise of lending him 500,000. Han Tianlin agreed, and Tian Wen pulled Yin Lu’s body away overnight. Yin Zhe asked Han Tianlin how to prove that he was innocent. Han Tianlin told him that after processing Yin Lu’s blood on the ground, he found a blood fingerprint on the painting and he took it Blood fingerprints were hidden in the basement warehouse.

Xiao Gang quietly followed Han Tianlin along the way. He wanted to find Han Li’s whereabouts. He didn’t expect to follow Han Tianlin to Shitian Town. Then Xiao Gang was surprised to find that a dark shadow was secretly monitoring Han Tianlin, and he was lying on the window to steal Listen to the conversation between Han Tianlin and the people in the house.

This day is Xiaogang’s birthday, grandfather, and Lao Du Fu Xiang couple at home made a table of food, left, right and so gone back Xiaogang, Xiaogang mother took out his mobile positioning, Ishida found in Xiaogang Town, phone Li Xiaogang apparently said that among fellow scholars, they only thought that Xiao Gang had lied and did not let Fu Xiang go to him.

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