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Joy of Life (2019) Episode 19 Recap

Qing Emperor sent someone to pick Fan Fan into the palace. The person who picked it up was Hou Gong. Fan Xian threw money into Hou Gong’s hands and asked him about the situation. He saw people in black walking on the road. Fan Xian was puzzled. Worried about the danger of His Majesty, Hou Gonggong calmly told him that assassinations were commonplace, Fan Xian met the people who met in the palace, and after inquiring, he learned that it was to guard the palace. Hou Gonggong came in with Fan Xian, but after seeing Qing Emperor, he actually hid and observed him secretly, and later told him he could not kneel. Hou Gonggong told him that the assassin had long been found out. This was specially arranged for the purpose of crumbling Beiqi. He was also named as Taichang Temple Xielulang and rewarded him for capturing Beiqi undercover agents.

Qing Emperor asked Fan Xian about the death of Lin Mao, and kept banging on side by side, indicating that the prince knew the incident, and then the prince waited at the door. Fan Xian deliberately pretended not to know, and asked him to do it for himself. It’s up to you. Hou Gonggong came out and told the Prince, saying that it was Qing Emperor Qing and Xie Lulang who were discussing the matter, and when the Prince knew that, he went back to worship. Hou Gonggong saw Fan Xian playing bows and arrows in the room and was stopped by Qing Emperor when he was about to stop him. He asked him to play as much as possible and told him that Lin Xiang had changed his mind. When he arrived at Lin Xiangfu, he would know the reason. Before leaving, Fan Xian was stopped by His Majesty, saying that he seemed sincere and frank, but in fact he was disguising himself. After hearing this sentence, Fan Qian calmly walked out of the door, feeling uneasy in his heart. The father-in-law told Fan Xian to be more careful, and he was scared into a cold sweat.

Lin Xiangmou Yuan Hongdao came to the Inspectorate to find Zhuge. After the guard checked the things he was carrying, he asked him seriously, but he did not expect him to pick up the needle in his hand and let Master Zhuge come out to meet. Ye Linger came to Fan Xian and asked him if he would kill Lin Ying. After learning that he was not the murderer, he was relieved, or he was uneasy. After Fan Xian saw Wang Qinian, he let him pass a message to Fan Ruoru , told the prince in the past, and told the prince about his whereabouts, and decided to take a gamble. Fan Ruoruo came to the East Palace and told the prince about Fan Xian’s whereabouts. After listening, he calmed down and informed him that he had known about it. He said that Fan Xian was going to be fierce and evil, and Lin Xiangshi had to find out the cause of Lin Ye’s death. Yuan Hongdao found the manager through Zhuge and tortured her to test whether she was lying.

When Yuan Hongdao was going to interrogate the manager, Yan Ruohai appeared in time to prevent him from using his sentence, and Yuan Hongdao had to go out. The prince sat down and talked with Fan Ruoruo, telling her something deliberately in order to test her reaction. Fan Xian came to Lin Fu alone, and the guard opened the door to lead him in. He played with Lin Xiang, the eldest son of Lin Xiang, and Lin Xiang watched secretly. Yuan Hongdao told Lin Ye that the matter was reasonable, and Fan Xian did not know that Lin Ye was the murderer of Niulan Street. After Lin Xiang learned, he let him enter the palace to tell the Prince.

Lin Dabao brought Fan Xian to see Lin Xiang. When talking, Lin Xiang took out the words written by Lin Ye and told Fan Xian that Da Bao had a disease when he was a child, and then he became like this. Although the man has grown up, his mind is like a young child, his three children, Dabao is stupid, and Lin Waner also suffers from rickets. Only the second child, Lin Kun, is healthy. Now Lin Ying is killed. I hope he and Lin Waner will soon After marriage, it means that Lin’s family and contacts will be handed to him, as long as he protects Lin Waner and Dabao, Fan Xian said that this is not a transaction, because Lin Waner already has in her heart.

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