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Blossom in Heart Episode 45 Recap

Feng Chunyan used to find Miao Lan in the past, but she did not expect that she was going to hang herself. Feng Chunyan hurriedly stopped after seeing it. She knew the pain in her heart, and the villain was a means of inferiority, but she was too strict with her. She has regarded her as a loved one, but she did not expect that she would hate herself and did not understand why she committed suicide. Miao Lan kept apologizing to her and promised she would never do such a thing again. Lang Yueming took Shi Diwen and Long Mozhen to go to Lang Yuexuan . There was no result when he looked around. Long Yueming lost his temper when he was on the car, so that Long Mozhen should not be righteous.

A group of Lang Yueming came to Haitang Garden to find Lang Yuexuan, but there was no figure, and then he was found in front of Haitang’s house. When Lang Yueming saw him, he was very angry and scolded him constantly. He also said that he was not the Lang family and felt that he would leave himself because of Begonia. All this was his fault. Lang Yuexuan told him not to be yin and yang to himself, and he was also the Lang family. Long Mo came to comfort him, don’t go to his heart. Lang Yuexuan didn’t care what he said, because he couldn’t find Begonia, and was very anxious.

Long Deshui’s men told him that a large amount of money was needed to expand the army. Long Deshui had to call Lance Nian and said that the money previously given was only enough to train recruits. Lance was embarrassed when he heard it and refused the dragon. Deshui’s request, after hanging up the phone, let the housekeeper send the money over. Long Yuexuan came to the school to ask Gu Xiahe to inquire about the whereabouts of Begonia. After asking for it, she came to the hospital to find Begonia and asked her about the situation in the past two days. However, Begonia refused his help indifferently, which made Lang Yuexuan feel inexplicable. Begonia asked Lang Yuexuan to come out to chat alone, so that he didn’t have to stay with him all the time, hoping that they would not bother each other any more, and then left Lang Yuexuan alone Leave alone.

Fanzhen took the new lipstick to Begonia, looked at her listless appearance, and asked her what was going on. Begonia did not give an explanation. She just spoofed a reason, Begonia took a closer look at the lipstick in her hand, and found that it was wrong. Arvin accompanied Lang Yuexuan to relax in the wild, and let him look away. He felt that Begonia was not easy. He had to face so many things. Afterwards, he drank together, but was rejected by Lang Yuexuan. Long Mozhen was preparing to go out. When Long Deshui saw her, she stopped her and scolded her, so that she had less contact with the Lang family, especially the Long Yue Xuan. Arvin came to Long Moxuan and told her about the breakup between Lang Yuexuan and Begonia, so that she should not take advantage of it. Long Moxian thought he was a good person and thanked him for being honest.

Long Mozhen came to Haitang Garden to find Lang Yuexuan and found that there was no one locked. Shi Jizhou came to Long Deshui and invited him to join hands with him to defeat Lang Lichun. After that, he no longer had to worry about money. Long Deshui has long been unaccustomed to Lance years, and agreed to deal with them with him. Begonia came and told Lang Sinian that there were problems with the previous batch of lipsticks. I hope they will quickly recall them.

After all, doing business depends on credibility. After Langsian knew it, she was very angry and let Lang Yueming investigate the cause of the matter. Lang Yueming came to the workshop to see Lang Yuexuan, scolded him for no reason, Lang Yue Xuan felt inexplicable after listening. Lang Sinian intends to recall all lipsticks, because Lang Lichun’s reputation is more important than money. This is the truth passed down by his ancestors and cannot deceive customers.

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