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Blossom in Heart Episode 43 Recap

As soon as Gu Haitang opened the door, he found that Han Ruibin was standing at the door, begging them to hurry up, and Haitang told him that he wanted no money and would help him without any trouble. Sitting in the car, Mrs. Gu saw the bustling appearance on the street, and felt that she could find time to go out to eat and eat together. Han Ruibin was eavesdropping by the side, so that they called him when they needed the car. Lang Qingqing ‘s classmates said Gu Xiahe ‘s bad wordsaside. He did not expect that he suddenly came out and scared them away. Lang Qingqing was not affected at all, so he should not listen to it. He will do something big in the future.

Han Ruibin brought them to the house with Begonia. I didn’t expect to engulf living people. Begonia turned around when he learned that. Han Ruibin hurriedly explained to them that his uncle had been sick for a while, so it was just His wish was to see what they had done in the newspaper before choosing to hide the truth. Mrs. Gu saw his filial piety and sincerity, and agreed to help him carefully make up for his second uncle. Gu Xiahe felt that he should not be afraid of death. He should be treated the same as life and death. He was most afraid of his life. Those fame and fortunes ended up being nothing but Lang Qingqing, after hearing this, felt very reasonable and praised him as a philosopher.

After the matter was settled, Gu Haitang went shopping with Mrs. Gu. Mrs. Gu suddenly had a headache and thought of Gu Shunqi’s secret. Then she said a few words, a car rushed over and forgot it. Han Ruibin scraped off the hibiscus cream on his father’s face, and Han’s father was angry with his son’s behavior. He raised him so freely. He did not expect that he had no regrets, and he rightly spoke up with Han’s father. Han Ruibin handed the hibiscus cream to Shi Jizhou , and believed that it could be successfully rouge. Shi Jizhou let him keep it secret, and then called the trustee to study the composition of the hibiscus cream. Shi Jizhou yelled Awen to come over, and felt that his relationship with Long Mozhen was not normal. He spent a lot of time chasing Mo Yan and saw that he was incompetent. He threw the tea cup directly and scolded him. Mrs. Shi saw Ah Wen looked at the injury distressed after the injury.

Long Deshui looked at the sad and lost look of Long Mozhen, and decided to let Lang Yuexuan marry her anyway . The reason why she couldn’t get Lang Yuexuan was because she couldn’t be cruel, too kind and distressed for her affection. Bullied. Arvin came to the Dragon’s house with his stuff and came over with delicious snacks. Long Moyu was going to take him to the room to play, but was stopped by Long Deshui. He left without a word. Long Mo hurried to catch up, apologized to Arvin, and felt that his father was too much, offended her friends. Arvin told her not to think so. Long Deshui did this to protect her, and later told her Make a confession. Long Moyan couldn’t help shed tears. She liked Langyuexuan for a long time, and felt that it was all worthless. She decided to forget Langyuexuan.

Long Mozhen invited Shi Diwen to ride a bicycle with him. He accidentally fell and was injured. Shi Diwen nervously went to check. He did not expect the pants to burst suddenly, and embarrassedly took the bicycle with Long Mozhen to leave. After seeing the ingredients of the hibiscus cream, Shi Jizhou took out a book from the safe, suspecting that Gu Haitang was Gu Shunqi’s daughter, and felt that he had the opportunity to bring down Lance , Mrs. Shi told him not to go too far, and worried that there would be Retribution, I hope he can let go of the past. Lance received a call from her family saying that it was changing the place in Langlichun’s store on Jinyin Street. She knew that Shi Jizhou was behind the ghosts and had to choose to move.

Lang Yuexuan hurried over, saying that the merchants who saw the samples had placed a lot of orders. After hearing this, they were relieved, hoping that everyone could let go of their prejudices and get through the difficulties together, so Yue Xuan must take matters into account. That’s it. Long Yuexuan came to Feng Chunyan in the evening and apologized to her, indicating that she did not deliberately lie to her. Feng Chunyan said that she would not blame her, but did not want them to be together. Lang Yueming returned to the workshop and secretly mixed the ingredients together, intentionally making the lipstick developed by Lang Yuexuan and Begonia unsuccessful.

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