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Blossom in Heart Episode 42 Recap

Because no worker working towards new products, Gu Haitang do this very anxious, Yuet Hin told her, Lens years has agreed to pull the goods workshop, workers would do first of their goods. Han Ruibin was sneaky at the door of Haitang’s house. Gu Xiahe came back after school and saw it. He felt that he was misbehaving and planned to drive him away. Han Ruibin deliberately bought misery, saying that it was the death of the master, hoping that he could be buried well and repay the kindness of the master. Gu Xiahe rejected him, and showed that his family was not a funeral, and he had only kindly helped others. With.

Long Yuexuan returned to the workshop with Begonia and asked the female workers to cooperate with Begonia. After the success of the new product, some rewards will be given. Begonia met Chu Chu in the workshop. I hope she can make it clear and don’t keep hiding. However, Chu Chu didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong. She said that what she said at first was what she said, and what she said was true. Then she left arrogantly. Annoyed, I felt she was an ungrateful person, and blindly helped her in the first place. Lance came over to find Lang Yueming and planned to wait for him to walk home from work. On the way back, Lance talked with him and felt that he was a sensible child since he was a child. Even after his disfigurement, he would never bother anyone .

Lang Yueming stated that he was discussing things with Yue Xuan and did not deliberately target him and did not understand why he wanted to enlighten himself. Lance tells him that this is because Begonia does not love him, love will slowly pass with time, and the only thing left is tolerance, let him not think too much, he will not favor anyone, as long as it is for Lang Lichun Good things, he will support. Begonia urged women workers to make new products in Langlichun, and saw that Fan really used the wrong materials, and quickly stopped everyone to start again. Lang Yuexuan felt strange after seeing it.

After asking about it, she learned about things and thanked her for finding it out early, otherwise it would cause a lot of losses. After work, Chu Chu told Lang Yueming what happened in the workshop. After hearing this, he drove to Lang Lichun and secretly did some sneaky things. Gu Xiahe came back and told Haitang that during the day someone came to find something to do vain, just to subsidize the family, Mrs. Gu was soft-hearted and intended to help him. Lang Yuexuan went to the attic to find Lang Yueming and told him that he planned to go to the workshop to pull the raw materials. However, he did not expect Lang Yueming to easily agree and let him come directly. Long Yuexuan came to Begonia to tell her that the matter of raw materials was resolved, and she planned to gather with everyone for a while to resolve the misunderstanding.

Gu Haitang told Lang Yuexuan that someone was looking for her mother to join him and asked him what he thought of the matter. Lang Yuexuan was worried about the extravagance and made her be careful. Lance came to Langyuexuan and asked him to stabilize Long Deshui with him. Taking advantage of this opportunity to paralyze him, Langyuexan was worried about hurting Momo because she was a direct person. Lang Sinian told Feng Chunyan that he had told Lang Yuexuan things, and he did not intend to blend in with his marriage. Feng Chunyan felt that Lang Yuexuan and Long Moxuan could be paired up, because Mo Xuan could hold Long Deshui. Long Deshui happily greeted them to come over, admiring him for having a son, hoping that he could quickly become his son-in-law, and then let him go upstairs to find Mo Yan, Lance took money to Long Deshui, he looked He was very happy after getting the money, thank him for being so refreshing.

Lang Yuexuan sat down and talked with Mo Yan, and bluntly told her not to mess with Begonia, otherwise she was not polite to her and planned to leave after going downstairs. Lance came to Langyuexuan to tell him that a customer had already urged the goods, so he must ensure the quality and hurry up to ensure the quality. Gu Xiahe came home and saw that a table was delicious and thought it was her birthday. After inquiring, I realized that the begonia lipstick developed by Begonia had been sold. I hope everyone will work together to make the day pass. it is good. Because Long Mozhen was gone, she was anxious to find her. Just as Shi Jizhou called and heard Mo Yan was at his house, he immediately relieved.

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