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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 24 End Recap

Long Haoqian resigned from the group to take care of An Ning’s mother, ease in the memory world, release Hua An Ning and return to the real world.

Yi Mingjun persuaded Long Haoqian that it was inappropriate forhim tokneel outside the ward as the group president, but Long Haoqian couldn’t stand up. In the summer , he heard Long Haoqian mentioned An Yi and asked how her ease was related to him. He killed himself, admitting that AnYi was withhim when the accident happened, and AnYijumped off the building because of him. An Ning broke up with Long Haoqian after knowing these things.Heturned away when he heard the anger in the summer, and Yi Mingjun chased the summer and told her Hao Qian took sleeping pills for An Ning and drank alcohol for her. He really wanted to die for An Ning. He really loved An Ning. Long Haoqian saw Grandpa walk out of the ward and begged him for forgiveness again. Grandpa didn’t appreciate it and let him let go of their children.

An Ning’s mother watched An Ning write on her mobile phone. In the summer, she walked into the ward and took her mother’s hand to persuade An Ning Zhen to love Long Hao Qian. Maybe Long Hao Qian can really wake up An Ning, and Yi Ming Jun also helped Long Hao Qian. Fortunately, the two persuaded to give them two more chances. Anning’s mother and grandpa were persuaded, but Long Haoqian had already left. At this time, Yi Mingjun received the phone call and knew that Long Haoqian convened a press conference to resign all group positions. After the press conference, Long Haoqian received a call from his father asking him how he could easily resign. Long Haoqian was frank because An Ning was ill and wanted to go all out to take care of An Ning. He also told his father to take good care of his body and he was not free. After watching him, Long Haoqian hung up the phone without waiting for what his father said.

Long Haoqian handled the press conference and rushed back to the hospital. Anning’s mother asked him if he could wake up Anning. Long Haoqian said in the presence of Anning’s mother that non-Anning would not marry and vowed that he would take care of Anning’s life. From that day on, Long Haoqian Take care of An Ning personally and tell An Ning everything that happened recently. I remember tears in the world of An Ning crying while listening to Long Hao Qian’s speech and smile. Long Hao Qian said to his wife An Ning, An Ning in the memory agreed. . Long Haoqian renovated the ward, put on a wedding dress for An Ning, proposed marriage and brought her a ring, and vowed her love under the witness of An Ning’s mother and grandpa and everyone.

Long Haoqian accompanied An Ning as usual, and his mother and grandfather came to deliver meals. Long Haoqian’s father and mother also came to visit with fruit, and told Long Haoqian that his resignation was not approved by the board, but he had been on long vacation. An Ning’s heartbeat suddenly dropped. Everyone quickly called to the doctor. The An Ning memory became gradually transparent. After the doctor saw it, his family was informed that the rate of organ failure was increasing. Long Haoqian ran into the ward and held An Ning’s hand in tears and looked up at everyone. He said he would bring An Ning to the best doctor.

Long Haoqian took the flowers to the cemetery to visit Anyi, and told Anyi his feelings for tranquility, saying that he could not do without the tranquility, and that he could save Anning in the spirit of heaven. If Anning could wake up, he was willing to change everything. Long Haoqian pushed Anning in a wheelchair to the airport. Everyone came to cheer for Anning. At this time, an old man came over to kneel with a child. It turned out that Anning, a beggar on the road, gave them a sum of money. I came here today to send An Ning. The little girl cried and let An Ning wake up earlier and took An Ning’s hand. In the memory world, the figure of An Ning recovered from transparency. I saw my sister An Yi and Long Hao Qian came over, and my sister received it on the day of the accident.

The small note arrived, then the time of memory stopped, the ease in the memory came to An Ning, and An Ning told tears to her sister that the note was not written by Long Hao Qian, Long Hao Qian never wanted to hurt her, An Ya said She has let go of herself, and let An Ning also let go of the past, continue to look at this beautiful world with those eyes, and rest assured that Long Hao Qian was given to An Ning, let her work hard and be brave to love, and An Yi won the hand of An Ning The red hand rope made her stop being bound by herself. On the wheelchair, the red rope on Anning’s hand fell to the ground. Long Haoqian stopped and walked in front of Anning to squat. He found that Anning’s eyes were moving. After a while, Anning opened his eyes. Anning looked at Long Haoqian and touched his face to tell He couldn’t live without him in his own life, the two hug and kiss, the people around cheered.

After many days of observation, Long Haoqian finally felt relieved that peace was all right. The two mentioned sweetly what An Ning had thought of him as an uncle. They were about to kiss Yi Mingjun and opened the door and came in shock and asked what they were doing in his wife’s boudoir. Everyone got together to eat happily. Father Dao Haoqian also cooks and cooks for his wife. The family is very happy. Yi Mingjun reported to his father that the bidding project was successfully won. Yi Mingjun showed them invitations. The two elders booked the wedding day and the wedding of the two new couples was held together. Yi Mingjun happily hugged his father to express his gratitude. Long Haoqian’s mother sent An Ning Chinese medicine to urge them to have children, and An Ning changed her name to parents. An Ning took Long Haoqian to visit his father and sister, and was happy to tell his father that he had found the prince. Long Hao Qian assured his father-in-law that he would take good care of An Ning. See the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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