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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 23 Recap

An Ning saw An Yi in the memory world of Long Haoqian Long Haoqian kneeled and begged the Anning family to allow themselves to take care of each other.

An Ning fainted in Long Hao Qian ‘s arms, An Ning walked into the memories of the first day of Long Hao Qian’s transfer to the new school. Long Hao Qian who was lying on the bed holding the ring and An Ning said that she would definitely not When something happened, An Ning saw her sister An Yi and Long Hao Qian in the same class in memory, and her sister liked Long Hao Qian very much. However, when he was a kid, he was robbed or Long Hao Qian helped him. When he was young, he couldn’t see his eyes. Hearing Long Haoqian’s voice into an older uncle and calling his uncle Long Hao Qiang very upset. An Ning couldn’t help looking at such a scene. Long Hao Qian sent An Ning to the Public Security Bureau to report to the police. In order to express his gratitude to An Ning, he invited Long Hao Qian to eat ice cream. Anning followed Long Haoqian back home, only to know that Long Haoqian was carrying his housekeeper to inquire about the transplantation of the cornea, and asked the housekeeper to pay attention to the stolen bag, and to get an inspection report from Anning, Anning knew that the truth could not help himself I have been saying thank you to Long Haoqian.

The next day, the junior in the school pretended to be comfortable and wrote a note to Long Haoqian to let him go to the woods. Although An Ning knew at this time that something bad would happen, he kept shouting to keep Long Haoqian from going, but Long Haoqian did not go. Can’t hear, Long Haoqian was stunned when he reached the grove and An Yi had already passed out. The picture arrived at An Yi and was taken to the hospital for rescue. An Ning saw the uncle and his father who were in tears, and Long Hao Qian forgot about An Ning because he was awakened by the injury. The housekeeper brought An Ning ’s bag, but Long Hao Qian could not remember who was peaceful. At this time, Long Hao Qian heard the conversation between his parents’ divorce, and Long Haoqian chased his mother’s car but ultimately failed to leave his mother.

Anning out of memory was taken to the hospital by Long Haoqian because of lowering questions. The doctor told Long Haoqian that Anning might become a vegetative. Anning realized that he should leave and can no longer immerse himself in Long Haoqian’s memory world, but returned to the present An Ning woke up and found that she could not get out of Long Haoqian’s memory world. Looking at the distressed Long Haoqian, An Ning was powerless and unable to touch.

In the summer, I saw tears in the photo of sister Anning on my phone. I remembered that when Anning received the cornea, and also when Anyi was admitted to the hospital for surgery, Anning was concealed and did not know that her cornea was her sister, and her sister Anyi had already jumped off the building After committing suicide, An Ning stepped out of the ward and unintentionally heard that the nurse was discussing their family. Only then did she know that her sister had committed suicide, and her father had died of a heart attack. An Ning cried loudly and shed tears in the eyes of the newly received transplant. Yi Mingjun took the clothes and put them on to comfort the sad summer. Summer said that God would not keep tranquility and would leave her by her side.

Anning’s mother and grandfather brought soup to visit Anning and Long Haoqian. Long Haoqian told the truth about the facts, saying that Anning changed because he walked into his memory world and saw that he had killed An Yi. In this case, An Ning’s mother collapsed and cried and beat Long Haoqian. Long Hao Qian knelt before the two, and the two rushed Long Hao Qian to say that they never wanted to see him again. Everyone came in and saw Long Haoqian kneeling on the ground, wondering what was going on. Long Haoqian said that he could not be forgiven, but he had to stay and take care of An Ning, An Ning ’s mother said how his two daughters knew him. In this way, Long Haoqian promised for forgiveness that he would take care of An Ning and kneel outside the ward, and everyone couldn’t get up.

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