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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 22 Recap

Long Haoqian had a fever and fainted. Anning and William took Long Haoqian to the hotel to rest. Anning also had a cold. William proposed to let Anning go to rest. He could take care of Long Haoqian, and Anning rejected him. Just as An Ning was about to leave the room, Long Haoqian shouted drowsily before leaving. An Ningdu wished for a dream at this time. If it was a dream, he could love each other so carelessly, and Long Haoqian also Have the same idea as her. The next day, An Ning went to the marriage tree to find the sign she had written, and then she found out that Long Haoqian wrote on her back that she hoped that she could be together in the next life. Anning’s mother was thinking about Anning while holding the photo.

Anning suddenly returned to her home. Anning’s mother was very happy.
Gong Chen as Ma Monroe prepared a romantic candlelight dinner, horse Monroe very happy. Suddenly, Gong Chen knelt on one knee and held a rose, so Ma Menglu believed that she would be nice to her and responsible to her and her children. Ma Menglu was moved by his words, Gongchen pulled out the ring again to propose to Ma Menglu, asking her to give her a chance to love her and take care of her. Ma Menglu readily agreed, and the two were hugging tightly together.

Yi Mingjun took the summer home, and Father Yi seemed not satisfied with the summer. Father Yi told Xiaxia that he always wanted Yi Mingjun to return to Canada for further studies, but he chose to inherit the family business in China for the summer. Summer is very touching, because Yi Mingjun always wanted to be a chef but he was willing to give up these for summer. Yi Father had sent people to investigate the summer. He said that summer was not suitable for being the daughter-in-law of the Yi family, but what the Yi family needed was not a daughter-in-law born with a golden key. He hoped that someone would really treat Yi Mingjun with his true love his. Father Yi said he could agree with Xia Ming and Yi Mingjun, but he had a condition that Xia had to withdraw from the showbiz, and Yi’s daughter-in-law could not go out and make a public appearance. Yi Fu’s attitude is very firm. Yi Mingjun took Summer to want to leave. Yi Father asked Yi Mingjun to carry the responsibility of the entire group to Long Haoqian. Otherwise, he did not have the right to speak. Summer readily agreed to Yi Father. Have confidence.

An Ning’s mother plans to make a wedding dress for An Ning again. She plans to return to Shan Guang Naxian to inherit the technique of cheongsam. In the evening, An Ning was in a bad mood and went to the food stall alone to drink. She seemed to have met her father, and her father patiently enlightened her. Her life was not that heavy. She should complete her life with goodness and care, instead of going through annoyance. In this life, God will certainly take care of her even if Dad is not around.

Long Haoqian hurriedly left Anning home, and Anning woke up and heard that it was Long Haoqian who carried her home by accident. Anning’s mother saw that Long Haoqian cares about Anning. Anning’s mother told Anning men that there are three situations that cannot be forgiven. Anning did not have a split leg accidentally. Anning’s mother told her that her father’s childhood sweetheart had gone to him when he was young, and they talked deeply. An Ning’s mother regretted that she had wasted half a year on this matter. And tranquility is too easy to be real. Yi Mingjun asked the assistant to organize the sales report for a whole year, and he had a headache when he saw a pile of documents on the table. An Ning went to Long Hao Qian to talk to him, she wanted to find out the truth from Long Hao Qian.

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