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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 21 Recap

Long Haoqian Anning Breaks Up With Ma Menlu Unexpectedly Pregnant
An Ning told Long Haoqian that neither she nor him was suitable for her character or family. After separation, she would live as if she had never met Long Haoqian. She also asked Long Haoqian to avoid meeting in the future. Although Long Haoqian was reluctant, he told An Ning to take good care of himself. After leaving the restaurant, An Ning finally couldn’t help crying alone on a park bench. Long Haoqian was very sad when he drove past. He wanted to go back to restore An Ning but still couldn’t help it.

Dragon Father and Dragon Mother went to An Ning’s house to discuss their marriage. An Ning returned home and told them that they could not marry Long Hao Qian. He had broken up with Long Hao Qian peacefully. Grandpa advised An Ning’s decision not to be emotional, and An Ning escaped back to the room. At this point, Long Haoqian was borrowing wine at home to relieve his sorrow. Yi Mingjun told Long Haoqian not to miss An Ning. He asked Long Hao Qian to call An Ning, and Long Hao Qian walked aside and took out the ring for a moment.

Min Er told William Anning and Long Haoqian broke up, and William couldn’t figure out that they would break up suddenly. Min Er asked William to persuade tranquility.

In the middle of the night, An Ning was busy cooking in the kitchen alone. An Ning’s mother noticed that she was abnormal. An Ning accidentally was scratched by a knife. The next day, my grandfather asked about Long Haoqian, and he asked Long Haoqian if there was anything unspeakable. Long Haoqian just apologized. An Ning is Grandpa’s most important baby. He was very distressed to see her crying so sad. Grandpa told Long Haoqian that An Ning had pretended to be very optimistic since her father and An Yi had an accident. She was living for her family. of. Grandpa asked why Long Haoqian broke up with An Ning. He could see that Long Hao Qian had never played with An Ning before. Long Haoqian still apologized to Grandpa and refused to say anything.

Ma Menglu was pregnant with Gongchen ‘s child. William went to An Ning to worry that she couldn’t get away with her feelings. An Ning seemed to be in a good state of mind, and he was relieved. William offered to let Anning accompany himself to film. On the other side, Long Haoqian was also going to the United States. Yi Mingjun told him that An Ning’s health had recently caused him to take care of it, but Long Hao Qian told him that he had no relationship with An Ning.

Gongchen hovered in front of Ma Menglu’s house. He was going to make peace with Ma Menglu. He was thinking about speeches at the door again and suddenly Ma Menglu opened the door and saw him in the trash. Ma Menlu spoke piercingly and asked if he wanted to bless himself and Yu Zeyu again, and the two of them fought again. Suddenly Ma Menlu had a vomiting episode. Gong Chen proposed to take her to the hospital for treatment. He turned his head to think that Ma Menlu must be pregnant Own flesh. Gong Chen was very excited and happy. He was very grateful to Ma Menglu for having her flesh, and he took out the ring from his pocket to propose to Ma Menglu. Ma Menglu cried happily. She finally waited until this day, but she told Gong Chen that she did not want to marry him. He actually proposed to her for the sake of the child, which was not the marriage she wanted. Gong Chen apologized for her attitude some time ago. Ma Menglu proposed that Gong Chen chase herself again like Long Haoqian chased tranquility, before she considered marriage.

An Ning decided to go to the movies with William to relax, An Ning was sitting alone in the room, as if she saw Long Haoqian let her go out, but stood up and realized it was her own hallucination. An Ning walking on the street alone was full of memories of Long Haoqian. At that time, they were very happy and happy.

In the evening, the waiter brought Anning to Anning. Anning looked at the supper and thought it was like Long Haoqian gave her something. She called Yi Mingjun, and Yi Mingjun told her that Long Haoqian was going to leave the country, and maybe never Will be back. At this time, William also sent supper to An Ning.

William took tranquility to rest, and Anning looked glum. At night, it suddenly rained heavily. An Ning accidentally fell to hide from the rain. At this moment, Long Haoqian appeared to help her. An Ning was surprised by the appearance of Long Haoqian. Long Haoqian put An Ning on her jacket and rubbed her medicine to tell her that the wound should not touch the water. It turned out that Long Haoqian secretly followed Anning all day. Long Haoqian sent An Ning back to the hotel. When he returned to the room, An Ning found that Long Hao Qian’s coat was still on her body. She chased out quickly, but Long Hao Qian fainted.

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