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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 20 Recap

Yi Mingjun and Long Haoqian colluded together. In order for Yi Mingjun to be with summer as he wished, the two made great cleverness in life. Long Haoqian was a famous master in chess. Yi Mingjun proposed playing cards and chess. , Losing people drinking games. The crowd did not doubt, An Ning knew that Hao Qian was a master of chess, so he decided to play poker with Hao Qian, and Yi Mingjun played chess with Xia Xia. The two men’s tricks were disrupted, and naturally they could not lose. After the game was over, in the summer, I tried to find out who Yimingjun ’s theme was today. Yi Mingjun picked out that this matter had nothing to do with himself, all of which was Hao Qian ’s theme.

Long Haoqian sent An Ning back to the room. At first the two talked and laughed. Then Hao Qian suddenly got a headache, which made An Ning very worried. Suddenly, An Ning slept, An Ning found that in Hao Qian’s memory, Long Hao Qian saw the scene where her sister An Ya was ruined, and An Ya once said that she hated Long Hao Qian. An Ning believed that the death of An Yi could not be separated from Long Hao Qian. If it was not Long Hao Qian who brought An Ya here, her sister would not die. An Ning recalled the time when her sister had an accident again, everything indicated that this matter was related to Long Haoqian, and An Ning was in a dilemma. On the other side, Long Haoqian felt uncomfortable and reluctant because An Ning knew the truth. He didn’t want to deceive An Ning, but he didn’t want An Ning to know, so after thinking about it, Long Hao Qian decided to let An Ning know the truth.

In the evening, An Ning’s grandfather took out a gold bracelet to An Ning’s mother, prepared to give An Ning as her dowry, and took out a bank card to An Ning as the dowry. An Ning’s mother said that this was his father’s pension, and he did not want his father to pay it. The grandfather An Ning said that money is something outside of him. If life doesn’t bring death or death, he might as well leave it to An Ning as a dowry. An Ning’s mother was so moved that she accepted his father’s kindness.

The next day, An Ning came to the door of the house, listening to her mother’s joyful voice, unwilling to ruin her mother’s interest, and left in a hurry. On the other side, when Long Haoqian investigated again ten years ago, when he got the manual, he was also lost in thought. When Yi Mingjun saw Long Haoqian lock himself in the room, he was very worried. No matter how Yi Mingjun shouted, Long Haoqian didn’t even make a sound.
When An Ning came to An Yi’s tombstone, she would remember the days when she had been together. Although An Ning lost her eyes at that time, she was extremely happy. At this time, An Ning suspected to hear An Yi’s voice, An Ning let An Ning live a good life, hug all of this vigorously, don’t be ashamed to send her eyes. An Ning promised ease, and she decided to put aside everything and live a good life.

Yuzawa Yu asked Ma Monroe to play golf. Although Ma Monroe squeezed into the giants, he was very unhappy. In the past Ma Menglu just wanted to find a rich man to marry, but now she doesn’t want these, but a man she loves. Ma Menglu is grateful for his efforts. In order not to let Zhe Zeyu suffer, Ma Menglu is willing to return to him what he has spent on him. He just hopes that the relationship between the two can be left out.

An Ning returned to Long Haoqian’s office and looked at his photo with him, feeling mixed. An Ning was unwilling to have any connection with Long Haoqian, leaving a letter of resignation and a wedding ring to turn away. At this time Long Haoqian just returned to the office, the two did not say anything, left their heads, and tore the photo of the two. Long Haoqian did not retain An Ning, he could only watch An Ning slip away from himself. Then An Ning told Gong Chen about the resignation , the master Gong Chen was very angry and scolded why An Ning left. An Ning didn’t explain too much, just said that she would find a chance to explain to Gongchen later. Gong Chen didn’t press again, just wishing she would be good.

An Ning returned home and cooked a sumptuous dinner for the family. Anning’s mother and Grandpa Anning saw that she was a little unusual, but didn’t know how to ask. After dinner, in the summer, she tried to find out what happened between Anning and Long Haoqian. Anning didn’t tell her the truth, she just found a cover to perfuse the past.

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