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Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) Episode 3

Wang Lu was mistreated by Wang Zhong and Hai Yunfan was intercepted by Zhu Qin.

When playing the game, Wang Lu had no luck with the bookboy around him. He also said that he was stupid. He was so depressed and sullen, and he comforted him, saying that this was the design problem of Taoyuan Village. A bunch of villagers kept shouting at the village head and asked him to come out to process the official documents. A fierce woman came out to drive them away, and then received a letter and panicked out to find someone to write. After looking around for a long time, I found that no one was planning to go back and see Hai Yunfan standing next to him. She did not dismantle her as the arsonist, but said her purpose and attracted her attention.

Wang Lu looked at Hai Yunfan from the outside and asked him about the harvest of the village chief. Hai Yunfan told him that he had obtained the key clues, but the next thing to do would interfere with the next task, I hope he will not blame. Self, then tell him about the ins and outs of the whole thing. After hearing it, Wang Lu sighed that he would help them solve their emotional disputes at a young age. It was not easy. Haiyunfan told him not to make fun of himself. This is only a trivial matter. Just help Liu Erniang to build a house and believe that it can solve the problem. Wang Lu feels that it is not useful to cure the symptoms.

Zhu Qin stole the words of Wang Lu, and secretly went to the village chief’s house to steal things at night. I didn’t expect that the thing was actually a chamber pot and left with anger. The next day, Hai Yunfan felt that Wang Lu’s practice was too cruel. He hoped that this life would be an enemy with him. After that, he bid farewell to him. Because the village chief promised him to leave the village, Wang Lu said to him that he was so gentle and would not Become an enemy with him. At the time of leaving, Hai Yunfan reminded Wang Lu to pay attention to the book boy Wang Zhong, and felt that he was not a loyal person. Wang Zhongda came to Zhu Qin at night and told him about Wang Lu’s whereabouts. He did not understand why he did not let himself go. Zhu Qin deliberately provoked their relationship and said that Wang Lu deliberately did so, let him be a book boy for a lifetime.

Wang Lu thinks of Hai Yunfan’s words. He feels that he is not very good at Wang Zhong. He will let outsiders have such an idea. After seeing Wang Zhong’s return, he chats with him with a good voice. He did not expect him to anger and say something. If you are too much, then say goodbye to Wang Lu, take your luggage and leave. Wang Lu did not retain him, reluctantly watched him leave, and then threw away the previously prepared Raiders. Wang Lu helped Huang Aunt in the village to pick up the water, and enthusiastically took the water to her son to help him write the second half of the couplet. His actions made other people who did the task look inexplicable.

Wang Lu cleverly changed a thing, and connected the tasks of one hundred and twenty people into clues. After successfully finding the hidden person behind the mission, Wang Wu was blindfolded and let him be happy, and he could successfully pass the customs. After saying something to Wang Lu, I couldn’t help but laugh, and I was expecting him to enter the Spirit Sword. Hai Yunfan walked hard on the road. After Wang Wu met, he ruthlessly ridiculed him and invited him to go together to see that he did not want to hold a knife to force him to leave the customs clearance reward. Suddenly, the three-piece nine-set episode came out. Haiyunfan used the headsweed to subdue. Zhu Qin wanted to invite the rush to go up and prepare for the reward. I didn’t expect the moon and the rhinoceros to suddenly become bigger. I found that the monster was actually upgraded. It turned out to be Wang Wu’s private Changes made.

Wang Wu believes that someone can pass the customs. After seeing Wang Lu appear, a group of people are watching and watching. Wang Lu sees Hai Yunfan in a dangerous situation, quickly ran to fight against it, and then took out a sword and cleared the sword. . The king dance suddenly appeared, and he took away the gold seal on his head. He did not expect the gold seal to flee everywhere. The king dance chased it up. When he got it, he was taken away by the wind and told her that there would be no sorrow in the next 20 years.

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